Monday, March 22, 2010

Love on a Lanyard.

We introduced little man to his brothers yesterday as the bigs were finally back from their week long mission trip. Our PA came while they were gone so I had wait 5 days to show them his picture.

5 whole days.


I waited very patiently.....

Or not.

But I did make it all 5 days and couldn't wait for them to get home to see him. Yay! They love him and his Snoopy shorts as much as we do. They all wanted to bring a picture of him to school and since I'm not an idiotI've been around the block a few times; I knew that near anything that you put into a boy's backpack will never be seen again. It is a phenomenon of epic proportions. Thus, I problem solved.

A little lanyard, a little clip, and four little necks and waa-laa!

A little brotherly bonding in progress.

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  1. What a great idea! My kids took pictures of Claire to school as magnets and they put her in their locker. Love this idea!