Friday, March 12, 2010

By golly I think I've got it!

*Disclaimer* This is not a view of MY case you were wondering, I, in fact, have hair. And eyelashes. And my jaw bone is disappointingly not that defined.

FINALLY feeling like I'm starting to understand this process a bit more. Whew! After so many months of research and book and blog reading I thought I had a pretty good handle of what needed to be done and when...and then.....and then when I actually had all of those papers in my hand I became...well, I'm just gonna say it.....I became an uninformed idiot. Yep. That'd be me. But alas, my brain has once again decided to function properly and I feel like I've got it now. Finally. Whew.

So now that I have a working cerebellum we are ready to go! We have already given all of our forms to our social worker that she needs for our home study portion. Check. And now that I have a grip on my noggin, I also have all of the forms needed for our dossier. Check, Check. We will be getting them notarized by the JAG here on base so after that we will be able to utilize the Department of State in DC instead of going through the state. Happily enough, they will then forward all of those documents onto the Chinese Consulate in DC for us, who will then mail them back to us. Holla!

Finally, we will have our final home study visit the week after spring break so as soon as that is finished we will be on a roll! Me, AND my brain and it's posse that decided to come along. I just love it when I have a posse.


  1. It's a little scary knowin that you got that beerocracy down like that!! One small step for a mother, one giant leap to those babies!

  2. when you get your visa's... ask for multiply entry, that last a year (same cost as single entry/30 day). YOU never know :O) plus it will save you a TON in visa fees if you quick turn OR have to stay longer for any reason.
    just sayin...