Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sitting here thinking about little man's birthday approaching in a couple of weeks. Part of me want's to send him a huge birthday cake and a package(aww, who am I kidding, ALL of me wants to go jump on a plane to Ch*na and watch him from the bushes...but that would be wrong...right?....yes wrong...I think) and the other part of me, A: thinks it's illegal until our LOA?(guess that settles that) but beyond that B: at what point should I make first contact? 10 months to us grownups? Not that long. 10 months to a 6 year old who is waiting for his family to arrive? An eternity.

I don't want him to know about us too early that he will begin to wonder if we will ever actually be there. Yet I want him to be prepared. I want to send him a cake just because and some gifts and photos of his crazy brothers, his new house, his room, his bike, his toys and send him candy(the mother of all bribery). But when? 3 months out? 1 month out? How long is too long? How early is too early?

So here I sit. Waiting, wondering and pondering what is best for our little guy and his little heart. Anyone been there? Done that?

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  1. im the wrong person to ask.. I sent four packages in the 7 months we waited for Daniel plus a cake on Christmas day. :O) .. and the first package was packed and ready the day we got PA! :O) LOL
    FOr Drew, things moved much faster and only had time for two back to back packages. one was the day PA came and then the other was right before we traveled.
    what does Stef (at GW) say?