Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Give me a

Give me an

My phone decided to go on strike on Monday...arghhh! I went ahead and emailed our agency to tell them that if any news came through that they would need to email me instead of glad I did because when I checked my email yesterday this is a snippet of what I read:

Sonia & John - Congratulations we received your Pre-Approval (PA)! The PA is the CC*AA's initial approval and agreement to complete the review of your dossier for XXXXXX(can't share his name right now). The next step will be your Letter Seeking Confirmation or LSC. Currently we have seen this processed in 30-100 days depending on status of your dossier in process at the CC*AA. If you have not submitted your dossier – the time for LSC will be estimated from the date of registration. Once your LSC arrives, you should expect to travel in 2 months if you are under the I-600A, and 3-4 months if you are under the I-800A.

So yay for PA! In a nutshell this means that the CC*AA has reviewed the few documents that we have already sent them about our family, our income, our reasons for wanting to adopt and they have said yes, you may adopt him as long as your dossier supports all of the information you have told us thus far.

It was pretty cool reading the attachment on the email that came directly from the CC*AA, seeing our name intermingled in a bunch of Chinese characters, how great!

And now, drumroll please......may I present to you our newest little J.......

He is almost 6, has a repaired heart condition and is waiting for us in Guangdong province. Go ahead and tell me how cute he is...I can take it.


    look at that smile girrrrrlll- i bet he already has you wrapped sideways!
    omygoodness sweetness!

  2. You talk about worth the wait!!!!!!
    He is everything you said he is!!!!
    Welcome J!!!!

  3. WoooHooo! You have PA! That is so awesome! Things are really moving for you. I am so glad.

    Oh my goodness, the littlest J is beyond cute! Do you believe in arranged marriages? I think we should consider J and Claire! I'm just saying!! :)

    Congrats again!