Saturday, April 3, 2010

And his name shall be......

With great pleasure it is my honor to introduce our son as

Joseph Samuel
We will call him Joey.

Because really, doesn't this sweet face just scream Joey to you?!

Joseph meaning "God added"


Samuel meaning "requested of God"

Ironically enough it was also the top winner in the name game! So thank you to everyone that voted, it was fun knowing that Joseph Samuel was what we had chosen and seeing the majority of you vote for that same name. Now what to do with all of those other J names we picked out....hmmmm....


  1. Now I'm trying to picture Mom in the commissary with all in tow saying...
    Justin, Jack, Joey,Jjjurdn,jaaa Wait;
    Joey, jack,jordan,Juuustin,jack, Jason
    Wait; I already said Jack
    Jason,Jack,Joey, Jordan get over here.
    Wait, I left somebody out..
    (Ma'am, can you overhead page all the Martin boys to come to the cash register?)
    I love his name too!!

  2. Love the name! That is one we are thinking about too! Except we don't have a little boy to give it too... yet! ;-)

    Maybe someday!

    Blessings on your new addition, Joseph Samuel!

  3. Love the name! I hope Joey had a sweet birthday. His last one as an orphan next year he will be a son and a brother!