Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jordan Flashback

Thought I'd continue to share with ya an old post from each of the kids. It will entertain me whist we wait on fingerprints. Enjoy! (Or at least enjoy that the following did not occur at your home. Whicheva.)

This is Jordan.

Jordan is hands down our happiest, laid back, funnier than dirt(is dirt funny? Yes. Yes I think it is.) kid. So why? Why does he look like this you ask?

Well.........hang on a second and let me back up..........

There ya go.

An Icee.

A flight of stairs.

A 9 year old.


*The really funny part of this whole incident is that he felt waaayyyy worse than any type of punishment we could have given him for breaking the "no food or drink except in the kitchen rule." So there was that, and the fact that John and I are about as laid back as they get armed with a very healthy dose of perspective, so we basically picked him up, wiped him off, gave him a hug, and got out the carpet cleaner. (She's my friend. My really, really good friend.) Poor kid.*

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  1. What a sweetie! You have to be laid back with boys...it's the only way to survive!! I remember being in the backyard watching the boys play baseball (the oldest was maybe 7). He hit the ball and broke a window! I looked at the window and said, "good hit!". Whacha gonna do? It's actually one of my favorite memories. I hope it's one of his too!