Friday, April 16, 2010

Emeril didn't make it..

I left the twins in the very capable hands of my 13 year old this afternoon for all of 10 minutes to take John and Jordan to church as they were leaving for a 6th grade retreat this weekend.

And then I came home.

And when I came home I was tackled at the door by one on-the-verge-of-tears 7 year old. Who, upon seeing me, dissolved into one cutely pathetic puddle of tears.

Wassup bud?! I say. what I could get out of him through his tears.

Sorry buddy, mommy can't understand you. What did you say?

ksdklksdjljiejmlkg......uhhhh ok.

So I scooped him up, and walked into the kitchen area to get the story from someone that was in any form coherent.

And that's when I saw this

Which explains why the sweet one in my arms was so upset. Poor little dude. He was trying to get this granola from the shelf(which is highly delicious btw.)

(Despite the fact that I had left my trusty tub of pretzels out should anyone become famished during the 10 minutes I was gone.)

But I digress....

He knocked over an entire jar of spaghetti sauce.

He was so scared. I can only imagine the sound and feel of that glass shattering and the spaghetti sauce splattering everywhere.

So once we rocked and snuggled and he calmed down I walked over to survey the damage. And the following is what I found.

Yowsers. Where to even begin.

Thankfully, as I mentioned, the capable 13 year old had made what can only be described as a 13 year old boy effort at cleaning it up. So the carnage had at least been smeared around a bit.

Which was...ahem...helpful.

He had at least procured the correct cleaning supplies for the job. For that I must give him props.

But I gotta tell ya. I think this is the key to our laidbackedness about this kinda thing. You just never know what cleaning a mess will bring you.

Allow me to illustrate.

See that?

Hold on, let's get closer.

There, in the green! Do you see it?!! It's the missing piece from our game of Trouble! Wooo-Hooo! Seeing as how I clean the floor of my pantry once a never, I would not have found it.

Ahhh, a blessing in spaghetti sauce. It's a good thing.

Almost done, moppy, moppy, lookin good, close the pantry door and

Awww man.

Ok. Now we are really done! Look at that shiny floor.

Ahhhhh. Lookin good.


Hang on a second.

What's that on the corner of the door?


*The irony of all of this is that spaghetti is what was on the menu tonight. But for some reason, it's just not sounding all that good to me at the moment. Hot dogs anyone?*

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