Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 6th birthday kiddo!

Somewhere in southern China 6 years ago today(or a few days before or after today, only God knows and that's enough for us) a woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And now here we are, sitting on the other side of the world preparing for your arrival to be born into our family.

You don't have any idea about us yet but I can tell you this my son. You. Are. Loved. First by a Savior and second by us. We cannot wait to wrap our arms around you and call you our own. So we will celebrate in honor of you today and pray that we will be there soon.

To mark such a day we will finally be deciding on your name today and telling your brothers what it will be. Don't worry kiddo, the Sponge Bob thing was just a joke....of course, you are 6 now, you would probably like that name....hmmmm, maybe we'll still consider it. I hope you like it whatever it will be. Regardless though the most important thing we can call you, and the thing we are most proud and elated to call you is our son. Happy birthday, we love you!

PS Diggin the glasses bud! You are going to fit right in around here!

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