Friday, April 30, 2010

The Joey Cornor

Homeslice has his own corner of the house already.

It's in my bedroom. Sorry honey. I mean our bedroom. You can sleep in there too, ya know...when there isn't a child barfing all over us...or snuggling up because of a bad dream...or complaining that his bed is uncomfortable and can he please sleep with us.

So anyway, the Joey Cornor is in our bedroom,

which means I walk by it a couple of times a day and that makes me smile.

I heart the Joey corner.

It's filled with all manner of things.

Things for the trip over on the plane.

Things for the kids to do while we are in China.

Things I have been picking up here and there for his care packages.

Even things to do and learn with once we are home.

Ahhh, the Letter Factory. It's magic when it comes to teaching phonics.

Yep. The Joey Corner. My favorite spot in the house.


  1. When waiting for our kiddos, I opened up a suitcase and started throwing stuff in. Every time I would go to the store, I would buy something. I felt like I was 'going somewhere' and it would be soon. Good times. It won't be long for you. Enjoy shopping...and dreaming.

  2. The Joey sweet!!

    Looks like you are one prepared Momma!!!

    I remember stocking up with things for Avery and putting them in the boys room...which was empty since they both were away at college!!
    I loved just rummaging through the items....sigh...

    Love your blog...
    Your sons are so handsome...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today....:)

  3. One of those pesky advertisements on the side of my Facebook page caught my eye today. It was about "The Traveling Kiddy". Anyway....the quote was, Never underestimate the power of a sock puppet. Thought maybe that might inspire you. Love you.