Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fooled ya

So it's April 1st. "April Fools Day." No idea where that originated from and to be honest, I haven't really participated in the festivities and nuances associated with such a day since....well...since like 3rd grade. But here's the thing. I live with boys. 4 boys. 2 of which are 7. And let me just tell ya sister, April Fools day when you are 7 is like the funniest thing ever.

Jack at 7:35am, "Mom, I can't find my shoes!" .....2.4 seconds later...because he can't stand it...."April Fools!!"

Justin at 7:37am, "Mom, I don't want any breakfast today, I'm not hungry.".....1.3 seconds later because he has even less will power than his brother...."April Fools!!!"

Jordan at 7:45am, "Mom, April Fools is kinda dumb." Because he's 12, and that's about all they have to say about such things.

So even though I've never really been into all of that; in the spirit of mommyness I decided to participate. So here goes:(through absolutely NO creativity of my own mind you, I found this in a magazine)

Run to your local merchant and pick up some of these:...and I do mean RUN because you only decided to do this at the very last minute.

whilst you are there, pick up two more

because you know that at this time next year you will need 6 and not just 4. Then cry for a minute because you wish all your boys were here with you now. Fix your mascara, and get back to it.
Whilst you are at your local merchant pick up these fashionable accessories.

*I should tell you here that when photographing your concoction, ensure that the dirty dishes that are sitting directly to the left of your ingredients are not visible in your photograph. You wouldn't want your cyber friends to know you sometimes actually have dirty dishes in your sink. Ahem*

Reserve only about a row of these and then eat the rest before your husband and kids get home. It's not your fault they only come in this giant package.

Never even seen this before. Edible grass.

You will think this is delicious until you actually open the package and try some and then you will discover that it is the opposite of delicious and tastes much like thin bits of cardboard. Bummer.
At this point make sure you are running around the kitchen like a crazy woman because it's:

And the kids get home at 3.
Whip up the pudding. (Use instant because remember, you waited until the last minute. And you should really learn to plan better. But we can work on that later.)

Lick the spoon.(Duh. If I had to tell you that I'm not sure we should be friends.)

Pour it into the pots, (Don't pour pot into the pots. That's highly illegal and very bad for you. Just say no.)

Crush up your remaining cookies and at this point you should be feeling slightly queasy as a direct result of eating near the entire bag of cookies. But again, let us remember it is not your fault.

Photograph the crushed cookies on your fooseball table in your dining room because your counters are now full.

At this point you can go ahead and panic because look what time it is:

Moving slightly faster now, crumble them over the pudding, add the nasty edible-but not really-grass and then stand there for five minutes contemplating removing the grass because you think it ruins it and doesn't look as good as you thought it would.

Forget about removing the grass because look what just pulled up.

And here they come. Awww, I missed them.

And on this first day of April sit in the sun, on the grass, and feed your kids some dirt.

And I ain't foolin.

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  1. You are such an awesome mom! What fun your house must be!