Friday, April 16, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Since I came home to the spaghetti sauce drama of yesterday I failed to mention what good/bad/awful day adoption wise we had yesterday!!

The Good:

I spoke with our social worker and our home study is finished! It's written, it's being tweaked by her supervisor and next week it will be on it's way to our agency for their final approval!

She also said that our state no longer requires the home study to be approved by the state before moving on to the national review folks! This is big! This means that our home study could be on it's way with our I-800A by late next week!

The More Good:

I took all of our dossier forms downtown to get county certified and state authenticated yesterday and came home with a stack of forms with shiny gold seals on them!

Ahhh, aren't they perty?

The Bad:

Uhhh. I have none. Nope. No bad to report.

The Ugly:

This I got.

I made what has become my daily phone call to the fingerprint company yesterday and was greeted with the friendliest voice so far! Gave her my standard info, she puts me on hold. Comes back to the phone no less than 10 times clarifying exactly what my name and my husband's name is before she finally...after, no kidding....about 35 minutes...tells me that they have been fully processed by all agencies involved and have landed at our state's DHR which is their final step!


She even goes as far as to give me the contact name and number of the person at DHR that now has our file!


So I thank her profusely, hang up, and call the dude.

Dude: "How may I help you?"

Me: "Hi there! I hear you have our fingerprints and wanted to see if I can get a status update on when we can expect them to be completed."

Dude: "May I have your name and ss number?"

Me: "No. I don't give that information out." Ok. Just kidding. I told him.

Now are you ready for the ugly?.........

Dude: "It appears as though you have been given incorrect information from the fingerprint company. I am showing that your file has yet to be processed AT ALL."

Me: Tears welling. Vomit rising.

So I called nice fingerprint lady back, being sweet of course because

A: it's how I roll. And

B: You catch more bees with honey. I would certainly be inclined to help someone who is nice instead of fussy. I choose nice. Yes the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but you can squeak nicely. It is possible. I like nice. It makes me happy.

Anyway, she seems flabbergasted by dude's response because apparently this is not what her system is showing. She takes my number and says she will call me back. I thank her again and hang up.

And then I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Around 6pm this evening I gave up waiting to hear from her today. I'm pretty sure she is home now watching a Seinfeld rerun.

So that, my friends. Is where we are at with the long awaited fingerprints.

Where exactly?

No clue.

Could be almost done.

Could be lost somewhere and we'll have to start all over.

But what I do know is that He knows where they are.

And when He is ready. I'm ready. And for that, I am grateful.


  1. Yes, HE knows!! Hang in there. Soon. trina

  2. Oh Sonia!!! Aren't you glad you can rely on our Lord to take care of it? This is a real test for you and the family. My awesome idea is that the fingerprint Dude is wrong and your fingerprints are so new in his system that he didn't have a status yet. Love You! I will say a nice prayer for you.