Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bunk Bed Purchase

I was thinking the other day that Joey and his new brother will need a place to sleep.

I know.

Go ahead and say duh.

I can take it.

I live with teenagers.

You can even roll your eyes at me and it won't hurt my feelings.

So that brings us to the impending purchase of yet another set of bunk beds. Lately you can find me in various furniture stores drooling over a few sets of them that I love. (You can then find the sales staff getting aggravated at me cuz they don't like drool on the new furniture. It apparently is not good for business.)

Initially I was thinking a simple twin over twin concoction with the intention of each twin(the people, not the bed) getting a new buddy in their room. Definitely don't want to just put the new fella's together, I think putting each of them in a pre-existing twins room will work out wonderfully.

But which twin one?(the beds now, not the people.)

This one?

Nice. Cheap. Matches the other set we already have. It'll work.

But then there's this:

Which I adore. I like the option of the full on the bottom for the first few nights when I can pile them in there and snuggle up as they are adjusting to their new home and family.

You can't so much do much snuggling in a twin.

Well. You could.

But someone would probably end up on the floor.

And nothings says, "Welcome to the family!" like shoving your kid outta bed onto the floor at 3am whilst you are sleeping.

It's not cool.

And not recommended.

So, as previously mentioned, I am digging the idea of the twin over full. And don't even get me started on that trundle underneath that can either house another mattress for sleepovers(holla!) or can be a large drawer for storage(holla...again!)

Now if I can get that money tree to bloom in my yard I will go from drooling to purchasing this bed at the store.

And won't that just make the sales staff so happy.


  1. Love the second for so many different reasons.......good luck my sista in Christ! So great seeing you today!!! xox JoRie

  2. Love bunk beds and love lots of kids in them!

    okay- I think I have missed out? Is there another little boy coming home?

    I think I'm lovin this story! WooHoo!

  3. Oh My- You have a pic of my Sarah from an orphans wish!! Are you the other family that is sponsoring her? That is too cool!

    BTW I named her Mia but you won and Sarah it is! Of course I love the name Sarah! I may be slightly biased, since I have a Sarah!

    We are co parenting!!

  4. We got Easton the twin over full bunks with the storage underneath. (Pics are on the blog) I absolutely LOVE being able to snuggle in bed with him! And I know someday, hopefully not too soon, he'll grow bigger than 3 feet tall. Now, if we can just keep them from being destroyed in the many moves between now and teenager-hood...

  5. I like the second one too! We have that combination for the big boys and it has worked great. I may look into the same again since the little ones are currently in toddler beds (I mean our bed!).


  6. The latter works! We have the twin over double for our girls - and we happened to have 3 girls - and it's wonderful! THey can cozy up if they want or sleep apart. The one you picked looks awesome!