Thursday, April 15, 2010

Missin the target I think....

I care about a lot of things.
I care about God and whether my actions and words are pleasing to Him.
I care about the salvation of my friends and family.
I care about what on earth I am going to feed these kids in between baseball games tonight because I am in a recipie rut.
I also care that I cannot apparently spell recipie.

There are, unfortunately, somethings that I just cannot and don't care about:

This for example.......


No offense to the American Girl people, I'm sure they are lovely. But really? How much does it cost them to send this to me every month or two?



I am not going to order ANYTHING from you. Your dolls and their dresses and loads of accessories are beautiful, more power to ya! Enjoy what you do, make little girls happy, (make their parents broke because I can see how much you charge for a pair of plastic doll shoes), go ahead! God bless ya!

But please, please stop sending this to me! I don't care what Kit and Pollyanna and Maryanne are wearing this season. I don't even have a clear idea of who they are. That is how entrenched in testosterone I am.

Now, if for some reason you decide to go into the business of stain removal or how to cook 45 pieces of French toast in 20 minutes or less, then sign me up! I'm your gal!

But anything to do with dresses, pink, things that smell good....unfortunately I am not your target market. Just a thought.


  1. I think our catalog is getting sent to you! I have repeatedly requested online that we receive their catalog but never, ever get one!!! Where's my congressman, there is something wrong with this system!!

  2. Okay, so my comment says "Key said" it's really me, Christina. I'm signed in to my key spouse account apparently. But you probably already knew who it was by the funniness of the comment.;-)

  3. Awww...I needed this laugh today. LOL
    Yep, guess you better give them a call. OR maybe that means #7 will be a GIRL..maybe. :)

  4. Too funny! I love American Girl especially when I can find deals on Ebay!


  5. Maybe it is a mysterious marketing ploy. I get their catalogs too! Two boys at my house plus many of their dolls. I see the girls across the street playing with dolls that look just like the girls holding them. I know what they are, but paying that much for anything? Maybe girl toys last longer? I don't know. Good luck stopping those catalogs.

  6. you will probably be blessed with ALL granddaughters :O) LOL