Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things that make you go hmmm....

Ok so after staring at his pictures and taking in every single square inch of him over the last 12 hours I am beginning to think these pictures might be newer than I thought. So many questions! He's obviously at the orphanage in these photos. Were these taken recently there? Does he go there for school everyday? Did his foster mother bring him there to get pictures taken? Does he look older to you? I think his buzz cut is throwing me off so I'm having a hard time dating these pics. So give me your opinions, older? Or younger?

Our son, pictures dated July of 09

Our son, pictures not dated.

Whatcha think?

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  1. I think he looks a bit older.. they seem to always buzz their sweet little heads each spring - for a few reasons (birthdays, prevention of lice, festivals.. just pick one ;o)
    they almost buzzed drew bald the summer we got em'... hehee
    J just looks a bit longer? dontcha think?
    also our daniel was in foster care but did go to the swi everyday(from b-fast time- for preschool and speech therapy - until dinnnertime.
    of course every director runs his/her place as they see fit ...
    it will be fun to see what others think!