Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling a little bit.....

Disappointed. Long story, very short. We had our local fingerprints done almost 7 weeks ago. These are a part of our home study. A part of our home study that is preventing us from moving forward without it.

7 weeks. 7 long weeks. Home study is done. We are just waiting. I called the private company that is supposed to process them and then send them off to the FB*I and then on to our state beaureu of investigation before making there way to DHR in our state. I call daily to check on our status and they are "processing"

Our prints haven't even left this company yet.

I made an error(what I now know was a mistake for my emotional health) by posting the question of how long fingerprints have been taking in our state on a couple of the adoption Yaho* groups I belong to. Response?

5-6 months.

Am I being punked?

5-6 months just to process the local fingerprints?

I have to go throw up now.

But then I remember.....all in HIS timing, all in HIS timing, all in HIS timing. The Creator of the heavens and the Earth, the Lord of lord's, the King of king's, and dare I think that a few itty-bitty fingerprints(oh that He designed by the way) are gonna stand in His way?




Thank you Lord for picking me up when I fall down. Thank you for loving me through this pesky flesh of mine that wants to get impatient and frustrated. Thank you for your wisdom and your provision and your plan through every little bit of this process. Thank you for loving me just as much as you love that fingerprint proccesser lady. I love you, and I praise you through it all.

Whew. I feel better already! Now off for some ice cream.....cuz ya know....flesh remember?

A work in progress.


  1. Don't get too frustrated. I have had MAJOR issues with fingerprints! (I don't know if you were reading my blog right before we traveled)
    I honestly don't remember how long the local ones took to come back (it was so long ago), but it will come. I bet it doesn't take near that long.

  2. Sonia, I'm so sorry about the delay. I've dealt with fingerprint issues every time :(
    I wanted to say THANK YOU for praying for my precious son! God is hearing and answering! That's just like Him, isn't it! I have a very special post coming tomorrow about His perfect timing, and I pray it will speak to your heart. He is never late. Lifting you up!!!

  3. Dear Disappointed,

    I am so sorry for the delay. Like Connie said, God's timing is perfect. We waited 2 1/2 years for Claire and God used that time to prepare my heart to be able to parent her like she needs. Hang in there. Praying for God to move mountains on your behalf.


  4. aaaahh the infamous fingerprints... sorry honey! I remember when Bob had put in our wood floors and literaly took off his fingertips/prints.. and we had to wait for them to "grow back" per the FBI to get printed... I was beside myself! LOL frustration is a hard thing- feeling your pain and sending you love! Keep your eyes fixed on Him and know He is carrying you and has it all in His hands ;O)