Friday, April 9, 2010

Dossier Pics

Part of our dossier is supposed to include 6-10 "Daily Life" pictures. What? You want to see pictures? Pictures of my kids? Well that I can do! (Oh, and BONUS! The picture page is just about the only thing that does not have to be notarized, certified and authenticated and include a urine and DNA sample.(Just kidding....kinda.)

I don't know what most people do...just send some snapshots? Print some out on white printer paper? All I do know is that if I have even a glimmer of opportunity to get out some scrap-booking supplies, I'm totally gonna....gunna?....gonna? (Perhaps I should instead devote more time to my spelling capabilities....or lack thereof.)

Getting started(with my kitchen shears because someone who I won't name....(Jordan).....used my scrapbook scissors to try and fix his baseball glove.)

Gracious I love them.

My favorite page in progress

Only one problem with all of this. The pics are supposed to include at least 5 of at least one spouse in the picture. Ummm ok. I have about 8 kajillion pictures of John to put it in but me? Really? Dude. I'm the mom. We are hardly ever in front of the camera! So really, unless they want a picture of me like this

Hi Ch*nese government! My name is Sonia. And I am blurry.

I have come to the conclusion that it is either me blurry, or they are going to have to settle for two of me that I manage to scrounge up from like 3 years ago.
Scrounge or blurry? Hmmm. Scrounge. Blurry. Blurry. Scrounge. The choice is a difficult one.


  1. I did the same thing! I made the pictures all pretty and scrapbook worthy. I wanted to put our best foot forward you know and make a good impression on the Chinese government. It must of worked because they gave us a precious daughter!

    BTW- Now that my oldest has a camera, I am in pictures now too!


  2. I have no pictures of me either. What's up with that?! IF we adopted again, I would be so tempted to use pictures of me from about 5 years ago. :) Wonder if they would be able to tell.

  3. I have to say, your children are all old enough to take a picture of you. The older ones should even be albe to take non-blurry ones. btw, you are cute even blurry!!