Friday, April 9, 2010


Improvising. If you are a mom. You are good at it. Nuff said.

This for example:

is the current state of my coffee pot. Yep. Lovely no?

No. It's really not. You can be straight with me. I can take it.

However unattractive it may be I gotta tell works. Seeing as how I have made three trips to the grocery store in the last week and forgotten filters each time because I am a total dork... have yet to make it to the grocery store to get some more, it's gotta work.

And work it does.

(As an aside, if you aren't sprinkling your coffee with a dash or two of cinnamon on top of the grounds, then you ain't havin coffee! Try it! Yummers!)

If you are, however, allergic to cinnamon then forget I said anything and go drink some OJ.(The juice, not the ex-football player)

This next improv would be the result of our massive monthly grocery bill. I would tell you that it averages out to be just over $1,100 a month but it kinda makes me nauseous every time I think of that so I won't tell you that.
Instead I'll just tell you that this helps to ward off the constantly hungry boys that you try to keep fed with decently healthy snacks. One gigantic tub of pretzels and a bowl of fruit on the table near all the time. So instead of spending 99.99% of my waking hours standing in the kitchen, I improvise. Because really, it's either that or jab steak knives into my eyeballs if one more person tells me that they are hungry....again. Giant pretzels just sounded like more fun than that.

You can even improvise outdoors. If, for example,your 7 year old shows up to the baseball game with two left footed kleats on and you didn't notice until he arrived at the dugout..... Well, ya gotta improvise. Solution? Tell him it'll be ok, that no one will notice. You don't want to have to run home and miss any of the game after-all.
Hey kid, did you know you have two left foot kleats on?

Yeah, my mom said I'd be ok.

Ahhh, moms. We rock. What have you improvised lately? Do share!


  1. So what I am wondering is if one boy has two left cleats, is there not another boy with two right cleats? Just keeping it real.

  2. LOL I know! You'd think that would be the case but with 20 pairs of kleats around our house with varying sizes it ended up just being one twin. ;)