Thursday, September 22, 2011

48 Hours

Compulsively clean
Pack clothes
Pack toys
Unpack toys and decide the hospital will have plenty of entertainment.
Pack jammies.
Go to library, stock up on books.
Pack Season 1 of Parenthood that your sweet friend gave you because she knows you haven't seen it.
Put toys back in suitcase just in case....and realize you should work on being more decisive.
Look up location of nearby Chinese restaurants that will deliver to the hospital....and realize that 1 year ago you weren't much of a fan of Chinese food and now you can easily distinguish between good, awful, and really exceptional Chinese food....and that you enjoy it....and you can order some of it in Chinese.
This makes you feel awesome.
But then you look at your laundry pile that you neglected all week and realize you are in fact....not awesome.
Then you realize you should stop referring to yourself in the 3rd person.
Vacuum the Suburban because you are switching cars with your husband and you don't want him to see just how many crumbs and how many dirty socks and old string cheese manage to end up in there.
Spend quality time with the other kids because you know your heart is about to be divided in two
Take the toys out of the suitcase......again.
Put the toys back in
Get poster board to make some Welcome Home signs
Be thankful you have two little Mandarin readers and writers in the house so that you can make a sign that JJ can actually read
Lay in bed at night and compulsively go over every detail of leaving 6 kids with one parent and all that their schedules entail
Lay in bed at night and be thankful that your friends, both old and new, are stepping in to feed and care for your other kids
Try to sleep because you know hospital sleeping is well......awful.
Realize you can't sleep because you are equally part excited and part terrified for all that is to come
Wonder if there will be a coffee stand nearby his room and consider bringing your husband's little coffee pot he keeps for deployments with you to plug in next to your bed/chair/bhair/ched that you will be sleeping in.
Decide that yes.
That is a great idea.

And that.
is 48 hours till home...
and the start of the rest of our lives.


  1. You are amazing (and can pack for me anytime btw).

  2. No, I haven't been checking in every half hour all day long to see an update. Nope. Haven't done that at all. :) LOVED reading this post. Keep the toys in the suitcase, and thank your friend again for Parenthood- my very favorite show!! :)

  3. Supermom, to the rescue! I would say I'd help you, but alas, stupid USAF had to move you far away. Praying for you and your fam. <3 Love you so so so so so so so much!

  4. Oh, I can't wait until that boy is home! Praying, praying, praying.

  5. Praying so hard!!!! I can.not.wait. to see this little guy in your arms!!! Yippeee!!!! :) You, my dear, are amazing! The Lord will fill you up, even when you think you're on empty. Hang in there!!!! :) Hugs!

  6. Praying for you (and yours) with every load of laundry at my house!
    You are a hero to us all!
    Love & Blessings,

  7. I think you should take the toys.... Just thought you should know since that was obviously a concern. hehe I almost did the same thing minus the packing thing and I also refer to myself in the 3rd person. You have me so excited to go get my son... Sadly it will be almost 1.5 years :(

  8. Check your mail tomorrow before you finish packing. There was no time for me to send a love note with it, but know it was packed with lots of lvoe and prayer!

  9. Saying prayers for JJ and all of you!
    I am sure your head is spinning- so much to do and so much uncertainty.

    How is JJ doing? How are John and Jordan?

  10. Oh my goodness, you, of all people, are SO ready for this. Yes, there is nothing anyone can tell you to prepare you for what lies ahead. Yes, hospitals are miserable places for getting rest. Yes, your heart will be divided in two... But God has already given you ALL that you need for LIFE and godliness. This is real LIFE...I know you already know that. Praying for you...praying for John and the boys as they travel home. Praying for your other kiddos that they will not for one moment feel any lack of mama love. praying most of all for wisdom for the doctors and for healing for that sweet boy's heart. (BTW, a few toys will be plenty...if it is a children's hospital they will have plenty to offer...and he may not feel much like playing anyway...I tend to overpack on toys and activities and am slowly resisting the urge to bring too many. Coffee by the bedside is "coffee boy" thankfully is with me this time and delivers a venti nonfat latte each morning. BUt when I'm doing this alone, I wish I had a coffeemaker in the room!)

  11. I agree with your awed followers:o) Don't worry about your other 6. One of them has enjoyed an entire week of bonding with his amazing dad, and I'm sure the other 5 will enjoy their time with him immensely. And, no, the schedule probably won't be followed completely, but hey, they're guys. They won't suffer from it.
    Now for you...I'm concerned for you being in the hospital alone during the surgery. Elisa's surgery took 3 hours, so I'm thinking Joshua's will last at least 6. Sooooooo, what if the posse divides the time up and one of us calls you each hour to pray with you? Also, I'm hoping we can meet at the prayer tower to pray for Joshua Sunday afternoon. (Thinking they won't start the tests until Monday. Let me know if I'm wrong.) Until then, lots of prayers going up.
    donna o.
    p.s. make sure John gets Joshua up at least once an hour to walk a little way on the flight. He doesn't need a blood clot.

  12. Dear friend,

    Thank you for taking the time to inform and entertain us in the midst of your controlled chaos and dirty laundry. Praying for your guys (at home and abroad). Praying for Joshua's traveling heart, Lord bless him and protect him. Praying that you will know exactly what to take with you and what to leave at home (cause we all know you haven't finished packing and unpacking, yet). Praying for every detail (and every dirty sock) that needs taken care of before you go . . .

    My "must haves" for hospital stays has always been a comfy sweatshirt or sweater (cause it's always cold), and my favorite blanket (throw) from home . . . oh yes, and a chocolate stash for the midnight hours.

    Love you girl, thankful for your "reinforcements"--so wish I was closer. Praying along with so many others.

    Hugs from Texas~


  13. Praying for Josh, family, and you lots and lots. :)

  14. Sonia,
    Know that I'm thinking of you and praying for you.
    You make my pity party going on here pathetic. (Thank you!!)
    : )

    I only wish I could be there to help in some way.
    Many hugs and lots of love thrown your way!!

  15. Praying for you. For all of you.

  16. You're doing just great, Super Mom. You'll be fine. Remember to BREATHE!! We are praying for sweet Joshua and your family:)

    Lisa Murphy

  17. Oh, less than 48 hours now!!!! Don't forget to pack the computer!!!! And camera!!!!! :)

  18. I am praying for you all! I wish I was closer so I could do something to help. I'm so glad you have such a support system.

    Jennifer (baseballstobows)

  19. We are on our knees praying for you sweet friend! God will guide you, just as he always has each step of the way! Much love from Korea, JoRie

  20. Obsessively checking your blog!


  21. Praying that all is well and that you new little man is resting in his hospital bed. Trusting our miracle working mountain moving God for JJ~