Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gotcha Day...Momma style

Christina here again....

I don't have much of an update other than the homecoming went very well! She and Joshua are at the hospital now and getting settled. He was quite tired and got some rest in the car. I don't have much more to report at the moment but I do have pictures!!! I think the pictures speak for themselves. Praise be to God.

Meant to add earlier that Sonia wanted to thank you all, once again, for all of your prayers and support. We've got him this far with our prayers now lets keep it going to get him well!

 Jacob and Joey were quite proud of their signs they made for their new brother. Must have been such a comfort for JJ to have signs that he could read!

I love this picture so much, I may just make it my new FB profile picture. She won't mind, right?

 Brand new Family of 9!!


  1. Tears flowing, snot dripping, Sonia style kind of praising God right now!!

    Beautiful family of nine!!!

    Mountains have been moved for God to perform His miracle for so many to see!!!

  2. JJ's home!! Praising God!

  3. There you go!
    Making me cry again!!!!!

    Praise God for answered prayers!!!
    And still praying.

    I love seeing you two meet for the first time!!
    So awesome.
    Please send more!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the photos! Thank you especially for the one with Sonia and John (our new hero!) The doctor really wanted to get going on his tests. Praying for a different conclusion than the Chinese doctors made.
    Thank You, Dear Father, for bringing this little boy home, an orphan no more!!!

  5. Oh I just LOVE the picture of pure contentment on Sonia's face! Prayer for little man

  6. Yay! What an awesome update stand-in Sonia! The real Sonia's face was such pure love and joy looking at her newest baby!! we will cotninue the prayers here. iPad is going next to my bed...for morning updates! Thanks you, God for getting that sweet boy home.

  7. Tears here too!! So happy he made it here safely home!! I am praying for miracles here!

  8. Thank you for the photos! Amazing! Praise God! Praying my friend.

  9. Oh praise God!!!!! Just prayed for this beautiful new family and for the Lord to guide the doctors in JJ's care!!!

  10. it is so wonderful to see him with his family!! Yay God!!

    I have been hovering over my computer for 2 days- and praying for a safe flight home.

    Continuing to pray for JJ and his new family! So cool the hospital was all ready for him!!

    Thank you Jesus!!

  11. Thanks be to God mighty things He has done!

    Joshua John is with his very own mama! Oh what a wait for that sweet little man to have a mom to call his own. The wait is over now, she's all yours baby boy, and we think you're gonna like her. A lot. Welcome home sweet Joshua! Congratulations John & Sonia and family!

    Love the pictures, love the obvious "love at first sight"!

    So grateful that JJ is safely home. Praying for everyone . . . new mama, Joshua, jet-lagged daddy and brother (and Joshua) . . . the whole crew of J boys . . . the medical staff . . . the translators . . . and for someone to make sure that Sonia has her coffee . . . just the way she likes it . . . whenever she needs it! Thank you Lord that You are in the details--the big details and the small details, and every single one in between! We praise you and we ask you to continue to do miracles for your Joshua! Rescue his heart Lord and renew it to do the job it was designed to do! In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Love you Sonia, so proud of you!

    Tina xo

  12. Have been reading your blog for a while and tihs is my frist post! Just wanted to send all my prayers and love from Outback Australia

  13. Awesome! Love and continued prayers...

  14. What beautiful pictures of your beautiful family - all together! We are praying for Joshua's healing.

  15. He's HOME! Praise be!!! Praying for Joshua's journey in the hospital and his healing!!! :)

  16. Tears...and just in time for me to say my bedtime prayers. Lord wrap JJ in your loving arms & bring him comfort in his new family. May the Lord's will be done. Guide the doctor's, JJ, and his new family through the next few days, weeks, months, and years! To God be all the glory!!!

  17. Great way to start my day... what a beautiful homecoming! And the smile on your face... priceless!!

  18. glad that JJ is safely home.

  19. I am SO happy to read these updates! Praise God the flights went well. I will continue to pray for all of you. Congratulations!

  20. So happy for Joshua...and for all of you. Praying for wisdom for the doctors and healing!

  21. I should know better than to check in for an update w/o kleenex!
    Praising Him and continuing to pray!
    Love & Blessings,

  22. Praying for Joshua! What a beautiful mama Gotcha moment!