Monday, September 12, 2011

Yesterday's Blog Post

After a few concerned emails and text messages it has occured to me that I think I sounded miserable yesterday.

So allow me to clarify.

When the boys came home, I curled up in the fetal position for a couple of weeks.
Got some sleep.
Shook off the nasty virus I brought back with me.
Adjusted to 6.
And we moved on our merry way.

No really.
We were merry.
Merry merry quite contrary.
That doesn't make sense.
Never mind.
I'm not contrary.
Unless I'm out of Cocunut Creme coffee creamer.
Then I am totally contrary.

But I digress.

We hit our stride.

And just when I thought all was well, the enormity of everything caught up to me.
Moving is hard.
Leaving friends(holla JBUG ladies!), our church, our home, and darn near everything else that was familiar to us and that we loved dearly
was hard.
And losing that support group that filled me up each day
was hard.
Hearing JJ's prognosis was hard.
Transitioning 6 kids into new schools and a new church and a new environment is hard.
This move has been hard.
This summer has been hard. 

And since this blog is kinda of like my daily diary; instead of writing,

Dear Diary,
Today sucked.
The end.

I instead spewed out what I wrote yesterday.

Adoption is hard.
It's also
and a hundred other things that I would need a thesaurus to express

Thank you for loving on us,
Thank you for checking on us,
Thank you for being willing to admit that you are right there with me some days.
This is life.
This is love.

This. Is. Adoption.

Some days rock.
And some days you see that darkness of their past reach through time and take hold of them once again
and you meet them there.
And you love them there.
And you coax them out of that dark place again and again and again
The best thing I have ever been privileged to be a part of?

So less you think I have lost my funny bone let me just leave you with this.
Knock Knock.
Whose there?
Interrupting Cow.
Interrupting Cow Wh...MOOOOOOOO.

Ok never mind.
It's way funnier in person.


  1. I wish I COULD hear your joke in ya!!

  2. Too funny. My son loves that joke too, but his version is an interrupting cat.

    Prayers going up for a safe journey for John!

  3. You are too funny... Loved the joke :)

    Adoption has to be hard that is how are love grows... That is why labor is hard.

    It is kinda like a lesson my parents used to teach me when I was young. The harder you work for something, the more you cherish is. Granted they were referring to a physical possession, but I feel that with each trial and hardship our love grows!! Praying that we will see pictures of you holding your 7th son very very soon!! Enjoy the hard times it means blessings are headed your way.... yours has a handsome face and a name {{{{hugs}}}

  4. Isn't it amazing how God gives us a taste of what our kids are going through so we can love them better. Just think of how much moving threw off your balance, but at least you were still in the same country, with the same food, and the same language and with the same people you had always lived with. And it was YOUR choice (ok, not exactly, but you know what I mean). Your boys went through ALL of that coming home from China. I'm sure you have a much better appreciation for the stress they have endured and that JJ will endure when he comes home.

    Love ya! Hang in there!

  5. I am so with you! I am looking at 3 surgical procedures before we go to China in December. Agency wants us to go for 3 weeks can't do it.... not sure what we are going to do...
    Anxiety is creeping in... yucko...
    All this is leading up to and during holidays...
    13 children at Christmas, hmmmm
    Hoped to hop back into another adoption before we age out... not sure of God's plan there and not sure if we can do it...
    I think I'm going to need to write a post...

    Breath breath breath!

    Really want to get to Florida to meet you! your family and JJ!!

  6. Girl, you are right. Adoption is hard. But I love what you said yesterday. About God's heart being for adoption. When I see how God's grace has been so real this summer with all we have experienced (my dad's death, a move, adopting 2 boys, and discoovering we are pg), it is so obvious that His heart is definitely for adoption (and our sanctification, lol).

    So excited about what He is doing in your lives, too!

  7. I thought your post yesterday was perfect. I like seeing honesty. I love how you see Jesus and His work through it all—through the good and the hard. And, BTW, I think you are TOTALLY HILARIOUS—whether you joke in every post or not! =) Hugs to ya….

  8. The joke's funnier when delivered by a kid w/ Chinese accent...
    You are so right, some days are just better...some..not so much

  9. Oh, Sonia, I totally got the "after the airport" post.
    I'm right there with you living it.
    Thinking of you!! Praying for you!!!!

    As I type this, Lori and Doug are getting Rachel.
    Just a week it will be John! Yea!!!!

  10. Interrupting cow! Bwahahahahaha! Seriously snorted. ;) Hang in there girl, praying for you, your family and JJ. :)

  11. Totally agree! Adoption is wonderful and hard at times but I can say the same for parenting my bio. son. Parenting is not for wimps! LOVE my kids but every day is not rosy. THANK you for keeping it real !!! I so needed that in 1998 with my first adoption and it just did not happen then. All everyone was saying was the nice easy wonderful stuff and we were struggling with language issues. It would have helped if just one person would have had the guts to say yeah we are having some trouble too. Praying for all your changes amd challenges! BLESSINGS to you!!!

  12. Really enjoy your humor and honesty. Can't wait to Joshua home with you. We will be adding two boys to our family soon, so the "after the airport" post was very helpful in thinking through some of the issues we may face.

  13. WhMooooo you! Thank you:o] Less than a week before Joshua meets his daddy and big brother!!! I can't believe it's almost here. Praying hard for next week...and the next.

  14. You totally crack me up. I so get where you are at, what you have been through, and the pain of the move and the overwhelming enormity of change mixed with the parenting of kids who--even if they are completely healthy physically--have some special emotional needs. There are days when I think we are absolutely crazy...and then I remember that this is not about us, and the love we have to give does not get somehow mustered up from somewhere inside of us but comes from the God who loves us like crazy. SO excited that you are less than a week away!!!