Monday, September 26, 2011

What I Didn't Tell You

was that today I ran down to Wendy's in the hospital to grab a frosty for Joshua and then walked into the snack room on his floor to pick up some crackers for him to go with it. 

Thrilling no?

Well hang on.

I was in a bit of hurry because I saw the doctor coming toward his room that is going to be doing the heart cath tomorrow.

Still thrilling no?
Well, no.

You see
there is an ice maker/water dispenser right by the door in the snack room
and apparently a stray ice cube or 5 had
at some point
unbeknownst to me
flung out of said ice maker and landed on the floor. 

Ice melts.
Did you know that?
Tis true.
It melts.

I took one step into that room and before I could blink I found myself on the floor with a chocolate frosty

I'm not sure which was more hurt
my booty
or my pride.

And I
being the stellar human I am....ahem.....
jumped right on up
took a quick inventory of how many people could possibly have seen what just happened
decided it was no one
thanked the Lord
and tip toed over to the other side of the room to grab an entire roll of paper towels as there was now chocolate frosty

On me.
On the walls.
On the cabinets.
On the stupid ice maker.
On the coffee pot.
I'm tellin ya.

Clean clean clean
wipe wipe wipe
toss remaining drops of frosty in the trash and be thankful JJ didn't know you went to get him a frosty
be really thankful you are wearing a black tank top so it's a bit hard to tell it is soaking in chocolate
and walk oh so gracefully and nonchalantly down the hospital corridor to meet with the man who will tomorrow tell you whether your son has any chance of a long life.

That was my day.


  1. Praying, praying, praying for tomorrow! :) Glad no one saw it. Thank goodness for that. Now no one knows! OH wait, you just told us all! ;)

    You ARE awesome and you're in my prayers.

  2. Hi. My name is Donna and I, too am a Faller. Middle of the mall. down a flight of stairs. In a parking lot. haven't found a local support group it's soooo nice to meet up with fellow fallers online! : h

    Lovin the 3 posts in one day. I am GLUED to your blog. PRAYING for good news tomorrow!!

    Oh..and they do make non-orthopedic non-slip shoes. or those little skid-free things you can stick on the bottom of any shoe. je saying...

  3. I am bartering with the man upstaris a match from the shared list with good new for you tomorrow. I can wait some more :-) !!

  4. Sonia, you are so awesome. And God is awesome too! Oh, and I sure hope there is no security camera around. Ha, haa.

  5. I can wait, but obviously not spell...

  6. I am a lurker and fellow China adoptive mom. I found your blog before you traveled to bring Jacob and Joey into your family. I know the road you are on is not easy. You inspire me daily. When I read your third post for the day, I decided to comment for the first time. You are awesome. I cannot imagine how difficult the last year full of changes has been. Like I said, you inspire me. I am praying for great news tomorrow for JJ and all of your family. Wishing you peace.

  7. Ok, I know I shouldn't have but I laughed...I did, snorted actually! I am betting you might be a bit sore in the am from that one! Just wanted to let know that you and Joshua are surrounded by a whole bunch of us praying moms loving the crap out of you guys! You can't see us but we are there...all our love, coming your way, excited about good things to come!

  8. Sonia, you ARE awesome and I am praying!!!!

  9. Praying my friend. (and laughing about the frosty, ha!)

  10. Bless you, my last fall was in the OR during a C-Section! The Room was full of people! I'm happy your awesomeness is okay from her fall and it went unrecorded! Keeping Joshua John in my prayers and still trusting God for his miracle working power on JJ's behalf!

  11. oh my word, sonia!
    i'm glad you are okay! You are so brave in all this. Press on! I hope you feel a very special closeness with the Lord tonight and tomorrow. How are the guys at home? I'm praying. My hospital days with my girls are so long and my heart always feels torn in 7 different pieces, kids all over town at different schools or friends, what about dinner and driving and homework and uggggh. just hard.
    so, i'm praying cuz i'm guessing you have a little of that too. tomorrow is a big day. praying!

  12. Awesome indeed! Praying for tomorrow!

  13. I have been enjoying reading your blog. Being able to pray and watch how God works is amazing. If you need some reading material, check out this blog
    this is a gal that went to my MOPS group last year and her story is truly a miracle - a heart miracle.

    Sorry about the frosty!

  14. ok, for the first time all week I am crying!!! Pictures! Where are the pictures when you need them???? My last fall was really a squiggly slide down the Publix dairy aisle. I was hurrying to get stuff for the JBUG Christmas party, had on my high heeled boots, and was scooting. All of a sudden, I somehow went on the side edge of a heel and sorta skidded out of control. A little old lady was pushing her buggy toward me with her little grand daughter in it when I kind of S-curved toward her. As I grabbed her buggy to stop myself and straighten my ankles and knees, they were both looking at me with obvious panic. I kind of snorted out my apologies through convulsed laughter, turned to see my black skid marks swerving down the aisle, and the manager coming up fast. He of course was afraid of a lawsuit and kept asking if I was ok, which he found hard to believe since I was laughing so hard tears were ruining my mascara, and I could hardly talk. You know how you do the wave and nod at the same time to say "it's ok"? Well, he didn't quite pick up on the sign language. It wasn't until I got up to JBUG room that I could quit laughing hysterically. Unfortunately, dear friend, I'm afraid it might have ended the same way had I been with you for your now famous one and a half Frosty gainer!!! Praying hard and expecting great things of God. Glory!!!
    Loves and hugs...

  15. Its 1 a.m. and I cannot sleep and I'm sitting crying because I'm laughing so hard!!!! I am so happy that you are alright but girl, I have to tell that has made my night!

  16. Sonia you always make me smile and usually a chuckle or two and of course there are many tears involved also...:)..Thank you so much for thinking of us even with the *little* things, because to many of us they are not so little..:)..Praying for Joshua and knowing things will go as they are meant...Take care, Traci

  17. Even during all of this you find a way to make me smile. You are awesome!! I cannot wait for your update today!!