Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Getting on a Plane to China

because they have been there 24 hours now and my recieved picture count stands at





Does he know not of which I speak?
Never mind it's his birthday,
never mind they are out exploring and soaking in all that is China
He should know a mandated rule of stopping by the hotel to upload pictures every hour on the hour is not only expected
but required by marital adoptive law.

So if you need me,
I'll be on the plane.
But don't worry, I've instructed the pilot to land every hour so I can upload pictures.

In the meantime I leave you with this from our Skype session last night

It's all I got.

2 Days till Gotcha.
11 Days till Home!


  1. Ahhhh! I'd die from anticipation if I were you!

  2. Ahh! Sonia, welcome to my world! As I follow and pray for your family and other families that I have never met or probably ever will that are adopting, I have become an addict, getting my "fix" by "just checking, real quick" to see if there is a new post. You have now changed from being the one who "makes my day" to the one who has to rely on another to "make your day" so you can "make my day"! The fact that we are now relying on a guy to take lots of pictures and share all the details has me a little concerned! Perhaps I should jump on that plane with you! Wouldn't that be fun, all of your bloggy friends on one flight, arriving in time for Gotcha Day! But alas, I guess I have to just log on again and again, all day long! Just to let you know, we're all feeling your pain too! Love, 1/2 point

  3. Your hubby is in it deep....not giggling...nope, not at all. ;) Go gettem' girl! :)
    Two days! 2! JJ will be your FOREVER in 2 days!!! YIPPEEE!!!!

  4. I wish you could jump on a plane and be there for Gotcha Day! That would be amazing! I hope they "find" the camera before then! We your adoring public need pictures too!

    Can't wait for JJ to be yours forever!

  5. Never send a man to do a woman's work!! I am feeling your anticipation too!!

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha! If we were waiting on Jim for pictures you would need to find some sort of surveilance camera to tap into. That would be easier that getting him to take a picture. He has spent entire years deployed and I get maybe 5 pictures from the year. The ones other people take and are kind enough to email to me. So, I feel your pain and hope he comes through for you tonight before he crashes into his bed.

  7. Arrrrgh!
    Loves to you...
    Donna O.

  8. Maybe if we all wish John a Happy Birthday he would feel a little more obligated?

    So to John--


    Please, oh pretty please show us that you are can do pictures . . . . .sometime before the all important GOTCHA DAY arrives.


    Pretty please?

    And once again, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Your sweet wife's adoring public is waiting . . .

    tick . . .

    tick . . .

    tick . . .

    Okay, okay, we understand you are extremely jet lagged . . .

    but on Sonia's behalf we plead of you . . .

    PICTURES, pretty please, pictures!

    Praying for you (and for pictures) in Texas~