Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Pity Party

No balloons.
No streamers.
No bags of chips.
But man did I just sit and have myself a little big ole pity party yesterday.

I was seriously bummed.

The gist of what happened is this.
There is/was a very pregnant registrar in his province a few weeks back and the word on the street became that there was no replacement
that adoptions would stop in that province whilst she was busy pushing a human through her loins and lactating.
They didn't of course say that last part
but I just know that's what they meant.

Our agency
and I know many others checked into it and were all told the same thing.

They got it.
Yes she is leaving but there is a replacement.

Alrighty then.

The rest becomes a bit fuzzy to me.
I assume there is a replacement or was a replacement?
I dunno.
But regardless all of next week there is  no one and they are closing.
But how on earth they went from two days ago saying here you go, here is your schedule!
To the next day
never mind
we are closed.

It baffles me.

We tried to go ahead and have John leave tomorrow,
get JJ
and then register the adoption on the 18th or 19th when they re-open
but the answer was a resounding no.

So through my tears yesterday became a day of  re-booking.
Flights, hotels, trains, O2 rental, CA, and telling his cardiologist to expect him one week later than we thought.

So here we go.
Schedule take 2.

Depart on Thursday, September 15th {one week from today}
Gotcha Day Monday, September 19th
and land back here on Wednesday, September 28th.

Feeling better today.....
or at least acting like I feel better today.
Trying to hang on to some perspective and trust that this is what needs to happen regardless if I never understand why.

Flights were full for John to leave Friday or Saturday of next week so he has to fly out on Thursday instead.
That gives him and Jordan 2 days in Shanghai before they bullet train into Hangzhou.
Must see Shanghai recommendations anyone?

I'm going to go polish off the rest of my cake from my party yesterday.
Yes I realize it's 8am.
Don't judge me. Join me!


  1. Bless your heart, sweetpea! One extra week to a Momma waiting for her baby, especially a wounded one, is HORRENDOUS! You are in my prayers!

    Glad you got another trip all mapped out! Many hugs and more prayers as we all continue to watch this journey unfold!

  2. Ditto what Donna said. I've been following your blog ever since I found it through her blog. Prayers are with you - can't wait for the "gotcha" post.

  3. Hugs and prayers from the crooked letter state!

  4. I'm so sorry :(
    Huge hugs!

  5. Awww Hugs! I had my own pity party on Sunday (daughters 4th birthday missed) and now I see your story and can't even imagine. Heehee I have to say thanks I will be carrying th e vision of this lady and her loins and lactating in my head all day! LOL

  6. Hugs and prayers for your whole family, all 9 of you, who will all be together soon. Praying for God's perfect plan.

  7. BLARG! Delays are un-fun. Understatement of the year, I know. I'd be topping off that party with another cake.
    And maybe a few shots of Vodka.
    Have you tried Svedka? The clementine flavor is really smooth...straight from the bottle that is stored in the freezer.
    I don't endorse drinking. just saying that flavor is good. in moderation, of course :)

  8. It will soon become clear and you'll be reminded that all things happen for a reason and in God's time. Try, try not to question it and embrace it! I know it's hard, but we have no choice sometimes!! Soon your family will be looking back at these tough times:)

  9. I am really sorry. The word was they would open up again on the 15th. But one could hope! Chin up, you still have a plan!

  10. hugs. ate a few chocolate chips in your honor. no ideas for the two days in S. we had 4 hours there and spent all but 15 mins of it locating lost luggage for the trip home. hindsight. forget the luggage, threw away all the clothes we took anyway. jump in a cab and explore. next time. xoxo

  11. Hi Sonia,
    Came here from Tina's One Blessed Nest. We adopted our daughter #2 from Shanghai in Aug 2010 so we were there sorta recently. Kids really enjoyed the hands-on Science and Technology Museum. We didn't get to stay the whole day, but we easily could have. There's also the MagLev train to ride from the airport into town. We saw an evening Acrobat show, and rode up the Pearl Tower (long wait)--kids liked both. Jade Buddha temple is famous; kids were more impressed with feeding the koi in their pond. The river cruise is pretty at night. And, we didn't do it, but I heard there's a touristy tunnel of lights that goes under the river to connect the 2 sides of the city. Hope your guys have a fun quick stop there on the way to JJ.

  12. Okay...seems to me that whenever a plan goes a little off course- IT IS FOR A REASON!!!! God is watching over you, your family and JJ. For reasons we don't need to week is better! Things will go week. Maybe John will eat a bad fish taco this week and spend a few days in the potty which would make next week seem much better. Who knows why, but the new plan is gonna go great :)

  13. I am so sorry, Sonia...praying for your family and for your sweet boy.

  14. Love that your sense of humor is back:o)
    Hugs and loves...Donna O.

  15. When I clicked on the link to open your post the address at the top of my screen read: "His Hands, His Feet: My Pity Party." Trusting that His hands and feet will be leading and guiding you OUT of the pity party and onto great things. Hang in there! Things are working out the way they are supposed to, even if they are not working out the way you want them to. Hugs!

  16. Oh sweet girl. You are allowed to have a pity party. Have it, take it and let it out. There is a reason and only He knows. Love ya!

  17. My brother used to live there and these are the places he thought would be great to visit.
    Here's a few recs:

    1. Go to the Bund (the Embankment) - lots of European-style architecture and great views of the Huangpu (river)
    2. Go to the Observation Deck at the Jinmao Tower on the Pudong side
    3. Or, go to the Observation Deck at the Pearl Tower on the Pudong side
    4. Go to YuYuan on the Puxi side - it has markets and restaurants
    5. Xintiandi on the Puxi side - great restaurants and shops
    6. People's Square - a few good museums, great park to people watch

    Hope this helps! I am praying for your family every day and for that son of yours waiting in China!