Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This & That

I thought I'd snap a few pictures here and there of what our days are typically like.
And then I thought I'd share them with you.
And then I thought I'd make a gigantic peanut butter milkshake at 8am and drink the whole thing.
So I will.
And I did.

Jason had a doctors appt. 
I think he is going to age out pediatrics sometime soon.

Just a thought.

I couldn't figure out why all the other mothers were glancing at my feet as I walked the kids into school today.
And then I looked down.
And then I couldn't decide if it would be more embarrassing to go bare foot the rest of the way or to just leave them be.
I let them be.
Perhaps I have started a new fashion trend.
Don't laugh.
It could happen.

Nightly Chinese acrobat showing.

Always entertaining.
Admission is free. 

Spent much all of the morning yesterday waiting for this to ring.

It did.
And it wasn't anyone trying to sell me a vacuum.
It was our agency.
And he is still leaving tomorrow.
Which can only mean that I have packed and re-packed this about 200 times.

This came in the mail today.

Love, love, love it.

I walked in after dropping the kids at school and saw this on the counter.

No idea which kid I failed to give breakfast.
My bad.

Found these at the store yesterday.

If you've never been to China you won't find this amazing.
If you have, then you know these will be equivalent to gold.

And that's that.
My day.
In pictures.

Departure in T-1 day!


  1. I need TP to go in my purse on a daily basis! I wonder how many I should take to China?... And ya, yay,YAY!!! John is (almost) on his way!!!
    -Rachel (who STILL has problem's w/ Blogger!!)

  2. xoxo to you and your day. you made it! enjoy T-1 day in a special peanut butter milkshake, miss matching flip-flop, toss those crunchy waffles in the trash only YOU can conquer way!

  3. okay...that first picture is absolutely priceless!

  4. OK, you made me spit coffee all over the computer with that first photo!
    Krista D

  5. You deserve a peanut butter shake. Should've added chocolate, too. How you keep your sense of humor intact with 6 kids is beyond me. Most days I can't even remotely think of anything funny!! This is why I keep coming to get your hysterical point of view on, well, everything!!

  6. Okay, that first picture if THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!! Could you please post it every time you write? I mean, really, that would just start my day off with a bang every single time! :) I just went back and looked at it again, and again I am crying with laughter. Perhaps I need some psychological help? :)

  7. Hi
    We will be traveling to China next year. Please tell us where you found the travel size toilet paper.
    Thank you.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  8. That is my biggest worry about our trip to China... TP!

  9. I can't even tell you which picture I like the most! They are all great. I was surprised you still own a corded phone! :) I can't wait for your posts on John's trip!!

  10. Oh, Jason's face if priceless! I remember when Elisa first got embarassed by going to the pediatrician and towering over the other kiddies. SO excited about tomorrow--at least for John. I on the other hand will be having a colonoscopy--bleahck. Is your sweet John going by himself? PLEASE remind him we have to have pics of everything!
    (p.s. How do you make a PB milkshake???)

  11. I found some Charmin To Go, also. It was much comfort knowing I had it with me at all times.

    Looking forward to seeing your son with your husband. I know you are too!

    Where did you get the "Lest of These" decal? That was the scripture God gave to Mike in 2004 before we started the adoption process.

  12. I just love your post!! So glad that your travel day didn't get delayed again. Praying for safe travels!! I cannot wait for pictures!!!

  13. okay.....your son Jason? Way too funny!

    And just to let you know, I wore mismatched flip flops to church a couple of weeks ago.

    TO CHURCH!!!!


  14. Sonia, tell your friend Cheri I know EXACTLY where she can get said decal!
    Love you all, so glad the time is here!~

  15. YIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE! Tomorrow!!! Soon, so very, very soon! Happy dance for you guys!!! :)

  16. You can find the travel TP in the travel-size section of either Target or Walmart.

    LOVE the post!

    -Andrea (Bryce's mom)

  17. I found your blog through a friend from Montgomery. (We were stationed there for 8 years). You and your family have been on my mind all week and I have been praying for y'all. I work with a guy, who leaves late tonight heading to Africa to go pick up their little one. I pray that all goes well with your husband's travels. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to your next adventure. You are inspiration to me. I would love to be in the position to adopt and hope to one day. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless

  18. Had the charmin for our first trip to China- after that I could never find them again and let me just tell you- boy, did I need them!!
    Oh my.. did I need them BUT that conversation is for "in person over a glass of wine"!!

    Someday I will be knocking at you door- don't worry- I'll call first! About 5 minutes before I arrive- ha! JK

    So excited for hubby to make the trip!! JJ needs to come home and I'll be saying my prayers for them!!

    I want one of those stickers! How do I get it!! It would look so GOOOOOOD on Vanna!

    Sorry about the waffle and the hungry child!

    Your shoes- ya know they've already done that with bathing suits! So many girls running around with tops that don't match their bottoms! I'm certain you are starting a new trend! Where do I go to get those flip[ flops!?!

  19. Just put a link to your blog on my blog, Sonia. I really wanted to provide all my friends with the laugh you gave me today. :) Safe travels for your hubby and son tomorrow!!

  20. I am so happy that your hubby will be getting your son on Monday! They will be in my prayers! We are getting our daughter from the same SWI on Oct 10th. I would love to communicate with you by email, but can't seem to find an email address for you. Could you email me?


  21. I hope your boys make it safely and I hope we meet up in Guangzhou!

  22. BwwwaHaHaHaHa! This post totally made me laugh out loud. Thanks for brightening a rather gray day in my neck of the woods. And congratulations - so, so close. I know y'all can't wait!