Wednesday, September 28, 2011


And I don't care.

Rough night last night.
He spiked a temp of 103, started puking and was having a lot of pain from being intubated for the cath despite the presence of much, much morphine.
Poor little dude.
It was by far the worst night we have had.

But then this morning rolled around and he had a great skype session with his BFF Joshua P.

JP was adopted two weeks before our Joshua from the same orphanage.
These two heart kiddos have grown up together and seeing them talk to each other from their respective hospital beds hundreds of miles apart is nothing short of heartwarming.
They had a little show and tell session.

I have wires coming out of my chest.
So do I!
I have a hospital bracelet.
So do I!
I have an IV.
So do I!

I'm telling you
it was hysterical.

Then around 8am the congee showed up and
man alive
did that do wonders for him. 
Our posse of translators have been nothing short of amazing.

In case it's not inherently obvious....
they love him.
They dote on him
bring him toys
bring him shrimp fried rice and homemade dumplings.
I'm tellin ya

But I don't care.
It's well deserved if you ask me.

We have developed quite a routine with our Chinese posse.
We have some in the mornings and some come in the evenings.
Beginning Monday we will have someone here near round the clock for him because things are about to get a little interesting up in here.
They were all weeping right alongside us yesterday when the news came.

They are just a bunch of sweet, kind, Mandarin speaking Jesus lovers.
I dig it.

Joshua is taking a hard earned nap right now,
they have removed his arterial line which means we can get paroled from the ICU for an hour or two to head to the playroom on another floor and then this afternoon Rachel arrives.
We are ridiculously excited.


  1. Praise God.
    I'm just sitting here with my homeschooled gang in awe. We are so blessed to be a praying part of this, thankful for all the updates and loving to see God provide for Him. What a blessing for the chinese jesus lovers, what a testimony to the hospital's just beautiful.
    love to you sonia,

  2. Oh, it is wonderful to see him being spoiled. I can't stop thanking the Lord for what He has done. And I love reading this update...makes me cry. In a good way. :)

  3. Awesome update...sorry he was so sick overnight but so thankful that he is and your family are being ministered to by Chinese Jesus lovers!

    How are John and the boys doing at home? Are they able to visit at all?


  4. Having tears of joy over how everything is coming together and how loved he is. God is good it just makes me want to sob! Praying now about his upcoming procedures! Keep loving on him because he does deserve it!

  5. I say:
    SPOIL AWAY!!!!


    It is so wonderful to see how God has provided for Joshua!
    This is truly a miracle story!

  6. I’m so glad that he is doing so well... praise the LORD!!!

  7. Good girl!! Spoil that boy!!
    You are so lucky/fortunate/blessed to have that Chinese posse! Gosh, I wish I had one, too!!

    Sorry to hear about the rough night. I'm still praying!!!
    Much love and many hugs!!
    Give Rachel a big hug for me. I can't wait to meet her!! (and your 3 J's, too!!)

  8. He definitely deserved to be spoiled... It is long overdue if you ask me... which I know you didn't ;) I love your sweet boy and continue to pray! So happy he will get a little play break!! Pray for his 2 friends also!!

  9. Sorry to hear that he had a rough night. Continuing to lift you all up in prayer.

    So glad that there is a Jesus lovin Chinese posse to spoil him. :-)

  10. Last night John mentioned to my husband how loved the church is making JJ feel. YAY GOD!!! So incredible. So God!

  11. OH! And I want to just hug that sweet lady on the phone! Oh my word she is precious!

  12. I would love to have the information for that church to send them a little somthin' somthin'. What a huge blessing to have them there with you and to be caring for him so well!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the couple getting him ready to brought tears to my eyes. I can feel they are in heaven being able to help this precious boy and his family. I bet you would have a BUTT load of mad bloggy people if he wasn't being spoiled rotten.

    Still praying

  14. Amazing! Truly amazing!
    Love the photo of JJ getting ready to eat!
    Amazing.. wow... amazing!!

  15. The number of tears shed over this boy across the nation could flood a small town! Or not so small! Every time I read your blog or tell your story (because I think it shows God's awesome power, so I like to share it with my kids and other people who need to know Him) I cry. I know I'm not the only one! So truly exciting to see people spoiling and doting on him. Loved the skype! Hugs! Continued prayers and praising God!

  16. LOVE that he's getting spoiled! :) What a blessing to have your wonderful posse!!!! :)

  17. Just jumped to Rachel's blog. Didn't realize--she's heart baby from Shanghai. My littlest is a heart baby from Shanghai too and they are the same age. I wonder if my Chloe knows Rachel. What amazing ways the Lord works to connect people! And I came to your blog from my friend Tina @oneblessednest. Praying for all of you at the hospital and praising God for His great provisions!

  18. AMAZING! When you get out of that need to write a book. I know God loves to surprise people, but this is AMAZING!

  19. AMAZING! When you get out of that need to write a book. I know God loves to surprise people, but this is AMAZING!

  20. Oh how I wish I could be there with your Mandarin-speaking, Jesus-loving posse. Man that must be a hoot. Please tell them Ni hao and Xie Xie from me! SO cool how the body of Christ transcends languages and cultures.

  21. God is so good to send these amazing angels minister to your precious son! Boy what a testimony he is going to have one day!

  22. AMAZING - I read your update and get teary eyed. I have no words to describe how amazing God is and how His plan is never like ours and always better! I love the lady on the phone , such joy.

  23. This is incredible! I am so completely in awe of our God! Loving the jesus , mandarin speaking friends!! Yay God!!

    This is a good spoiled- he deserves this!

    Completely on my knees is awe!

    Through this we have had other answered prayers!
    Go God!!

    Go JJ!!

  24. I'm so glad that he's being spoiled!! Wonderful!

  25. Wow!!! Nothing too big for our awesome God for sure! Praising Him for all of it! Keep on spoiling him, he's waited a long time for it :)