Friday, September 16, 2011

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

I dropped the kids off at school
Came home
Had my hand in the cabinet getting out my favorite coffee mug to soak in a nice quiet day after a couple of very hectic and emotional couple of days
and my phone rang.

The school.
Joey has pink eye.
One hour
One doctors visit
and one prescription later and here we are.
Chilaxin at home together today.

Got an email from John.
They arrived
though exhausted,
they are all checked into their hotel room in Shanghai.

This was the part I was worried about the most quite honestly.
He has no guide service in Shanghai,
no shuttle waiting for him.
He had to stumble off that plane
get through customs
find a taxi
and communicate to the driver in Chinglish which hotel an hour away they needed to get to.
All without losing our 13 year old
the oxygen concentrator
and an important folder with a few thousand important things inside
all while not entirely coherent or rested.


They made it.

They will explore Shanghai all day tomorrow and then train into Hangzhou on Sunday morning.
He is under strict orders to photograph darn near everything during the trip so betch yer booty, pictures will be coming.

3 Days till Gotcha Day!
12 Days till Home!


  1. Woot, woot! They made it!!! :) Chilx with your little buddy and enjoy your day! :)

  2. Glad they made it safely. Looking forward to pics soon!

  3. Glad to hear they made it okay, praying that the rest of the journey is smooth.

  4. WhooHoo So glad to hear they are safe.... On a side note sorry about the pink eye thing :( I can't wait to see all of the pictures!

  5. Ticking down the time!! Can't wait till pics start coming in. Sorry about my little man. Give him a hug for me.

    Donna O.

  6. Hi. Been following you blog. Love it!

    Was in Shanghai a while back with my then 7 year old girl. A few tips on Hangzhou. if the price is right, take first class seats coming back so you have a nicer, quiet room to rest in while waiting for train to arrive. If you go through the machine that scans your bags at train station, send 1 person through first without the bag to the other side. Then put your bags though.

    Finally, when U arrive in Hangzhou, there will be tour guides soliciting. Look for one, ask about the type of vehicle they have. We got a guide that took us to major attractions in a van for RMB60. But that was the price then. Haggle on the price and you'll getba better deal.

    That's all I can remember. Have fun & looking forward to more reports.

  7. It's happening! It took both of our brains to stumble through Shanghai in that state of befuddledness. Glad they made it! So soon. Rest up.

  8. praying and praying, waiting for updates and wishing you were closer.
    much admiration
    much excitement...
    7 from heaven!

  9. So glad they are there and safe!!!!

  10. Pink eye! Ugh! Equivalent to lice to me! Sorry! Just an honest friend! I am itching now in California! But one cute boy with his pink eye!

    12 days till home! Yippee! That is doable especially when you are on this side of it. Busy at home with a plethora of boys!

    Address friend if you want the book. Don't think if I write Cheaperbythehalfdozen on the box it will get to ya in time!