Thursday, September 15, 2011

Takeoff! It's China Baby!

4 months after we said yes.
The day has come.
They are on their way.
Joshua John,

We drove,
We sat
They flew away.

Someone is a little excited.

Post motion sickness meds excited:

He's excited on the inside now.

We said goodbye.

I watched them walk into the jetway

And then I sat.
And cried.
And briefly considering running after the plane and climbing aboard.
But then I remembered I was wearing my black patent leather flip flops.
So I didn't.

I watched the plane until it took off and became a tiny dot on the horizon

sucked it up,
wiped the snot off my face
and headed toward the exit....whereupon I passed the area where in 2 weeks from now
And then cried again.

Got in the elevator


Got in my car


Drove around in circles in that stupid parking garage looking for the exit

and cried

Decided I should stop taking pictures whilst driving
and cried.

Payed $10 for 3 hours of short term parking
and wondered what on earth this world is coming to when it costs $10 to park
and cried.

I'm not usually such a blubbering idiot softie,
but I think the enormity of the last 4 months has caught up with me.
My focus has been on getting him home, getting him home, getting him home.
And now
and in that moment
it shifted.
It's now what's next for him.
And in case you didn't already know,
I have no stinkin idea what the heck I am doing.
I am pretty sure that was incredibly obvious
but I just wanted to point that out.

ready or not,
our lives as we know it will never be the same again.
So giddy up.
Here we go.

Joshua John,

Help is on the way.


  1. I AM BEYOND EXCITED. I'm right there with you. I want to meet #7!! Love you so so so sosososososososososososososo STINKIN MUCH!

  2. I am so excited for ya'll. I have the same feelings except tomorrow I will be on that jet plane wondering what in the world! I so hope I meet up with your "J's" while we're there!

  3. Oh Sonia, I am so so happy that help truly is on its way for this precious boy! Praying for JJ and your whole family.

  4. So happy for you!!!!!!!!

  5. Crying . . . with . . . . you . . .

    Praying for your Joshua John.

    Praising Him that INDEED, help in ON THE WAY!

    Thank you Jesus, now please . . . OH PRETTY PLEASE . . . get our precious friend Sonia through these next two weeks . . . and beyond!

    Love you girl!


  6. I read your post...and cried. OK, I actually AM a blubbering idiot - it takes very little for me to cry. Praying for you, for JJ. As they fly away just say these two little words to yourself "jet lag, jet lag, jet lag" and you'll remember that you need to be coherent when they come back! :)

  7. Sooo excited to watch Him work through you all yet again! Praying, praying, praying!!

  8. I'm so excited to continue watching/readying about your journey to Joshua! Congratulations!!!

  9. Praying for a safe trip! Beyond excited that JJ is coming home, trusting God for a miracle for his heart! I cry at airports watching complete strangers saying hello and goodbye! Love that I found your blog and that I can follow this amazing adventure that God has called you to.

  10. Get ready, Joshua John, you beautiful, precious soul. Your. world. is. about. to. be. rocked!! In the very best way possible.

    I LOOOVVVEEEEE seeing the beautiful, beautiful miracle of adoption being played out.



  11. It's so hard to watch your loved one leave like that!! Probably even more when you know what waiting for him on the other side of this world!!! So hard to comprehend at times!! Loving your obedience, with you every step!!

  12. I'm gonna join the blubbering idiot club....cause I'm now a member. :) So very excited for you. You are such an inspiration in my life. Hugs! :)

  13. The J-team is on the go! Keep breathing, Sonia! Can't wait to see that precious boy with his baba and gege's!

  14. I am so happy that they are on their way to get your son. So soo soooo happy!! Praying and sending love!

  15. SO excited for your family! Hoping the next 2 weeks don't go by too slow. Is your hubby going to email pics from china for you to post while he's there?

  16. Yea! Here they come! Or go!!
    Bless you, bless you bless you!!!
    You are one awesome mama! (Exactly how many times have I told you that?!)
    Praying for you and the boys!!
    Love you!!

  17. WoooHoooo!! Yay God!! So excited!!

    Dad and big bro are on their way!!

    Praise God!!!
    Saying prayers for you as you manage everything at home and watch from a distance!!

    I hope you have sent a camera and instructed hubby on how to send pics to you!! We really need to see him with his family!!

    Praise God again!!

    Your family is awesome!

  18. I received the beautiful bracelet! I've been wearing it all day today and felt really moved to pray for you and your family. Now i know why! I'll continue praying. So exciting--he's getting closer. Blessings!--Joy

  19. Oh, this is just so exciting!!!! Two weeks? Will it really take 2 weeks again? That stinks. Oh well, after 4 months, 2 weeks SHOULD be nothing, but... Will be praying for your family on both sides of the world:o) Can't wait to see the pics. Oh, yea! yea! yea! Thank you, Jesus, for this day!!!
    Donna O.
    p.s. I love to see you with your sweet John. He's one amazing man married to one amazing woman.

  20. Oh. my. goodness! I had to laugh (and cry a little) over this post. I so understand! I would have done the same. So excited for your family and for him. God is good!

  21. So excited for your family! Praying for safe travels and a quick return home! I can't wait to follow your adventure. Hugs!

  22. Hang in there your boy will be home soon. Sure hope John keeps us all updated from the China side!

    I think 4 months from saying yes to travel is a new record! Just proves that God is still in the miracle business! Praying for miracles for your boy's heart. So thankful that God has sustained him until his family found him.

    "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27


  23. Dude. So crying with you.
    Big love,