Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the Cath Lab Now

Rough morning. 

He had the arterial line placed in his room.
His hematocrit only went down 2 points from 71 to 69 after extracting all of that blood and replacing it with fluids.
So they did it again with the goal of getting it down to at least 65 to do the cath safely.
After the 2nd round it went down to only 66.
But after some discussion that was decided that it would be sufficient.

I just came back up to the room
Waiting to hear.

They said to expect about 3-4 hours.
And then the cardiac team will come up and share the results and the plan.

It's a big day.

Big arteries
low pressure
we covet your prayers for him.


  1. Lifting him and his doctors up in prayer right now!

  2. Sending you prayers. It sounds like a morning of sheer physical and emotional exhaustion.

  3. Praying Sonia. He has already moved mountains for Joshua!! Keeping him wrapped in thoughts and prayers right now! And you as well mama!

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  5. I am praying for Joshua and for you right now. I also am praying for the doctors! May you find comfort and strength from the Lord!

  6. Hang in there, Sonia!! He is a tough little boy! Praying for you all..:)

  7. Big arteries
    Low pressure
    I'm on it.
    Love you,

  8. Praying!!!!!! Hard! also sending love and prayers.

  9. Praying for all of you. Our God is a BIG GOD! :-)

  10. Praying for Joshua, the doctors and you! I know it's rough on the rest of your family as they wait, too.

  11. Sweet little peanut!!
    Thinking of all of you!!!

  12. Big arteries! Low pressure! Big arteries! Low pressure! Big arteries! Low pressure! Big arteries! Low pressure! Big arteries! Low pressure! Big arteries! Low pressure! PRAYING!

  13. I have been praying all day....and checking the blog....praying...checking blog....praying...checking blog....

  14. I live each day because God touched me, my family, the doctor and medical team that treated me 20 years ago. John would tell you (and probably did tell your John sometime while yall were in Montgomery) that when it was touch-and-go and he thought he was about to be a single parent to 4 month old Carla, peace came when so many people said..."we're praying for you"...people standing in the gap for both of us, all of us. That was 20 years ago this week; I've been healed of leukemia 20 years ago yesterday!! Now as you read over and over again, "we're praying for you", rest in that fact and know God has provided those words to encourage you, give you hope and give you peace! What better four words could He give you right now?? And do you know how MANY prayer warriors He has provided just for this day?? WOW! He is good! We're praying for ALL of your family, you, John and all 7 of your sons! And waiting to hear the news! Much love, many hugs, and lots of prayers....
    The Weissends
    Is 40:29-31

  15. Big arteries, low pressure .. standing in the gap for you and your sweet boy.

  16. Sonia,

    Praying for you and the entire family. Praying for Joshua's heart for big ateries and low pressure. Thanks for keeping us informed. Hang in there.


  17. There are a whole lot of us up here in CT that are praying for JJ...May it be for YOUR GLORY, God!

  18. Big Arteries, Low Pressures. On it here in Chicago.

  19. My heart is just FULL of love for JJ! And, for his sweet mama! I have sat with my sister, as we waited for my niece, Brynn Claire to come through her many heart caths and surgeries. That photo just made me sob! At lines are so painful and to see the tears on his precious face is so hard. I am praying for Peace and Healing in that boys heart! Healing in Jesus' name! Also praying for His Guidance in the hands of every single person who touches your sons body. For Wisdom. For Compassion. For them to love on that little boy, as if he were their own son. Big Hugs to you, Sonia! ~ Jo

  20. I am in tears right now my sweet, amazing, incredible friend. Praying, praying, praying! Big arteries, low pressure - God's got this!

  21. Looking UP for peace that passes understanding.


  22. Pausing for prayer right now and throughout the day! Please know we've got you all covered in prayer!

  23. Big arteries, low pressure! Praying the mighty prayer of the day, in Texas.

    Lord Jesus please be with Sonia as she waits this unimaginable wait. Bring peace to her heart Lord, and deep breaths as she leans into you, her Comforter. Be with John, Lord, and give him this same peace. Father keep your hand upon their precious son, this little boy who has so very quickly become such a part of their own hearts. Rescue Joshua's heart Lord, do whatever needs done to make it do what You created our hearts to do. Be with Joshua Lord, and help him not to hurt, help him not to be afraid. Let him understand, beyond words his mama and daddy and brothers love for him. Touch his body Lord and bring healing, that he may grow up to tell the mighty things YOU did to rescue him! We pray together, believing in your miracles for Joshua John! In Jesus' name, Amen

    Love you guys,


  24. Praying, dear Sonia. Big arteries, low pressure. May it be so. May God be glorified on this day. May He be your comfort and Your strength, sweet friend.

  25. Already been to the prayer tower again. Can't get ready for AOG for looking for messages. Your whole family is in my prayers and on my mind!!! Peace, sweet friend, peace.

    Big vessels, low pressure...
    Donna O.