Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dating in the PICU

is usually discouraged.
I'm guessin.

But there are some exceptions
and after a bit of first date jitters they met

and before long they were out for a stroll about town.

Rachel is here.
Can you tell how excited he is?

He isn't excited by much these days
I think he is a little.....
or a lot
bummed out.

He doesn't feel good
He doesn't know anyone
He doesn't understand anything
and he is scared beyond belief that someone is going to cut him open.

Bless his heart.

They took his arterial line out yesterday so we were able to get out of the room which did a whole lot to brighten his spirits so I intend to keep him out and rolling around in that wagon as much as I can today.

We will hit all the hot spots
the cafeteria
the gift shop
the terrace
the playroom
ya know
all the places the cool people hang out.

I may start a dating service in all my free time.
Chi-harmony has a certain ring to it no?


  1. love seeing him out of bed!
    so excited for his big day on monday!
    keep up the great job mama and you humor will take you a long was in life :-) or at least wim you friends in needed places. like hospitals.
    praying for you all and the kiddos love reading and seeing the updates. they pray for JJ every day.

  2. You never fail to amaze me with your positive attitude. Still praying. Happy to see him up and about and also glad Rachel made it.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!
    Amazing how these precious kids and adoption can bring people together! You two are some of my FAVORITE people!!!!
    Can't wait for the next update!!!

  4. Two little precious miracles riding around in a wagon, playing like little ones should be! Such a happy day!


  5. I just love that smile on his adorable little face!! :)..I can't wait for the day I see photo's of him running and playing!!....And the "date" is just too cute also...

  6. Still AMAZED that they are together:) Great job entertaining, Mom!!!

  7. Love it, so cute! Praying for you all.

  8. They are both so cute!

    Can't believe those two kiddos are together at the same hospital! WOW!

  9. Precious! Love their cozy, wagon-ride-by-the-light-of-the-hospital-fluorescents, ride. ;)

  10. Love it. They are entirely too cute.

    Bless his heart (no pun intended!). I cannot begin to imagine what thoughts are rolling around in his brain about what has happened in his life in the last week. PICU is scary enough without the language barrier and all the strangers surrounding him.

    And, really, you and he are sort of "dating" too when you think about it. Getting to know each other, showing him you are trustworthy and kind, letting him enjoy your love and affection...

    Keep up all your awesome work, Mama! Hang in there! Praying for you especially through the weekend as the stress of wondering whether he would be deemed operatble is now over, and the anticipation of the big day Monday builds. I can only begin to imagine how weary you must be by now!

  11. You are such an amazing Mama. Praying for you all. So sweet to see J & R!

  12. Cutest blog post ever! That is so great you giys have been able to skype with Joshua and now getting to hang out with Rachel. :) Praying for all of these kids. :)


  13. Following your story has caused your little Joshua to steal MY heart! I bet he is stealing many hearts around there, huh? :) I continue to pray for you all. I feel like I am re-living our little Kevin's hospital stays...and he was quite spoiled too. (okay, maybe he STILL is quite spoiled!) :)
    What a blessing you are surrounded by the Body of Christ in all shapes, sizes and colors!
    Prayers from AL...

  14. PICU-Date! Love it!
    -Rachel in Columbus

  15. God is so good, He knew all this before it even came to be.
    Hang in there Sonia,
    We are praying and thinking of you ALL