Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Hangzhou!

I just!

They spent the day taking in all that is Shanghai and just because I can't capture the experience quite as ~ahem~ eloquently as Jordan can, here is his run down of the day straight off of his FB status.

"walked around for 6 hours in about every part of Shanghai. Went up the pearl tower it was so high!!! saw a street fight take place right by an apple store. Got to go in the apple store which was pretty awesome. Also got a picture in front of a mau zedong statue in honor of his life. Saw the peoples heroes monument. Which is a monument honoring the people who made china a communist country. didnt get to eat any hairy crab because we were exhausted. Hangzhou today joshua tomorrow!"

Alrighty then. 

Pearl Tower
Street fight
Apple Store
Hairy Crab

Sounds like a typical day around here.
Errr something like that.

Oddly enough Skype began ringing today at 2:30 pm. 
That's not good. 
I answered the call 
and there staring back at me were two men eating birthday cake at 2am.

Sure enough they had gone to bed at 4pm so by 2am they were up and ready. 
This is the 2nd time in 7 months that someone in our family celebrated a birthday in China.
Jason turned 14 whilst we were there picking up Jacob and Joey and today John turned....well.....
not 14....picking up Joshua.
Now that is a birthday present.

I am sure sleep will be calling them yet again come early afternoon
but they are going to have to hang up and call back later because they have got to get on China time before they get Joshua.

Hello Joshua, 
Nice to meet you.
We are going to bed now. 

I know it's only 3pm but we are incredibly sleepy.
Snacks are over there, drinks in the fridge, we'll see you at 1am! 

That's notsomuch gonna work.

In case you were curious they are exactly 12 hours ahead of us. 
Do you know what that means? 
It means tonight is Joshua's last night in his orphan bed. 
It's the last night that he will go to bed without a family. 

They are bullet training into Hangzhou this morning
and then Monday morning
(Sunday night for us)
at 9am 
an orphaned boy named Hu An Xiang will walk out of an orphanage 
and into his daddy's arms. 

Cannot wait. 

I will be pounding the caffeine all afternoon on Sunday as I intend to put the kids to bed that night and then wait up for them to Skype. 
Tomorrow night folks,
tomorrow night!

1 day till Gotcha
11 days till Home!


  1. woo-hoo! Joshua at last!!!

    Sounds like those guys of yours are having a good ole time...."guy style"! :)

  2. They are such boys! :) Glad you got some pictures!!! :) Tomorrow will be a GREAT day!!! :)

  3. You sure know how to give somebody chills with your writing!! I am SO excited for you guys.. cannot wait to read the next post... and the next.. and the next! :)

  4. Awesome.

    Street fight, huh? Looks like Jordan is enjoying some "Real China." :)

  5. Love the update! Happy Birthday to John! Can't wait to see those Gotcha pictures!

  6. And lucky for ME, I'm only one hour later than China time, so I get to wait for your gotcha post @ an hour that will not require me to have a six pack of Monsters by my side. Can't wait!!!!

  7. oh my goodness...I am soooo excited for you!!!

  8. I'll be eager to see whatever photos and video they manage to send your way! How are the other brothers holding up? Are Jacob and Joey excited? I'll be up early Monday morning to see your blog post before we head back to Philadelphia!

  9. How cool to read the updates, having been to those very places. So excited for you all. Can hardly wait to the next post!
    Love & Blessings,

  10. So excited that you got pictures. I cannot wait to see your next post.... well at least the one with pictures of Joshua!

  11. Oh my, the butterflies must be the size of jets in your stomach by now! Praying for all to go well and God's continued hand on all of this! Can't wait to see the blessed event!

  12. Reading your post literally gave me chills! How exciting / scary / awesome!!

  13. "tonight is Joshua's last night in his orphan bed.
    It's the last night that he will go to bed without a family."
    Made me cry. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see the pictures when he runs "into his daddy's arms." I can't help but think that will forshadow the picture of him running into Jesus' arms when he understands he has a greater Savior.
    Donna O.
    p.s. Happy Birthday, John

  14. BAAAAAHHH TEARS. In 2 hours (here, I think) HE'LL BE YOURS FOREVER. YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Team Joshua for the win!

  15. So exciting....can't wait to read the post about him no longer an orphan!!!


  16. Waiting and stalking your blog not so patiently! One more day!

  17. I can't wait! And I know you can't either!!!

  18. Yo - you have an incredible way of building anticipation. I'm dying over here!!!!