Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At Which Point The Elevator Closed....

with only the children inside.

Yesterday after breakfast we were heading back up to the room and in case you were curious....trying to get a family of 8 on an elevator all together is a bit like herding kittens.

We approached the elevators and Jack, Joey & Jacob went inside
I turned around to see where Jason and Jordan, Justin and John were and when I turned back

Did I mention what an awesome mom I am?

Here's the thing though.
The elevator here will only let you go up to the 3rd floor without your key.
It requires you to scan your key to go any further

So I knew they had to be somewhere between the ground and 3rd floor.
Good times.
Good times.

John stayed at ground level in case they came back down and I headed up for the hunt, 25 seconds later they came back down on their own and all was well.

Yes this is the second time I have lost one or more children in China.
Yes you may laugh at me.

Kids are all still doing really well though Jacob and Joey have begun to show just the slightest hint of attitude today.
That's fine with me though because
A: I'm no stranger to attitude and
B: They can't be perfect forever.
The fact that they are starting to feel comfortable enough to show us some weaknesses is a really good sign that they are settling in.

Here's the face we get from Joey when he is unhappy about something:

Which frankly just makes me giggle.
Sorry kiddo, you've got some parents that have been around this block before.
I think the fact that the luggage has come out and we are beginning to pack has them feeling the slightest bit unsettled. Our guide.....who is absolutely incredible.....has had some good talks with them about what will happen and when as far as trains, planes and automobile rides so I know they are aware of what is happening but nonetheless, it's hard on them.

John and I are still doing really well though exhaustion is starting to set in as the adrenaline of this trip is starting to wear off.
I can't wait to go home and crawl into my comfy bed for 3 days.
Oh wait.
I have 6 kids.
I can't wait to crawl into my bed in 20 years.


  1. You simply crack me up. Love the attitude photo of Joey. Made me giggle, too. Will be praying for you as your prepare for that long journey home and embark on your new life together here. Will be praying for extra measures of energy and strength as you combat jet lag (again) along with your 6 boys, for wisdom as they adjust to your family's routines at home, and discernment to know their needs.

  2. What a hillarious post!! Being able to stay calm, and find the humor in everything will go a long way in helping you enjoy your trip. Which is exactly what your doing! I love reading your posts everyday! They always make me smile!
    Krista D

  3. His little furrowed brow makes me giggle too! SO cute! You absolutely crack me up. I have no doubt that GZ will never be the same since you were there!

    I can't wait to sleep in 20 years either!! :)
    Enjoy the rest of the trip. YOu're on the homestrech now!!

  4. That last picture is hysterical! I'll meet up with you in about 20 years and we can get some rest together!! :) Hang in there (and hold onto those boys!), you are on the home stretch now!!

  5. you'll have so many great memories from this, but i know that feeling of so ready to go home...just remember at times your new china boys will have that feeling too in america, but won't be able to go "home" to what was familiar to them. they'll get through it and find new comforts, but it always helped me to remember this when our older adoptive kids were/are going through some rough moments.

  6. his look is hilarious-- i agree, hard not to laugh at that! just imagine- we were in china for 3 WHOLE WEEKS with noah... THREE!!!

  7. You rock.
    Your attitude and sense of humor is what qualifies you for the blessing of six kids!
    Cannot wait to meet you in Hong Kong and send you off with hugs as you head "home"!
    Love & Blessings,

  8. Wow! Praying you all home safely and for the boys' transitions. Are you really leaving us without explanation of that last picture?!?

    The pathetic face makes me laugh - soon they'll know you can be mean Mommy. ;) It's reassuring that you're getting a bit of 6 and 7 year old attitude. :) They really like you! :)

  9. I have really enjoyed following you along. Glad to see I am not the only crazy one to take 5 kids to China!

  10. Awesome times!!! Please explain the last picture...

  11. Girl, you're killing me here. ;-)

    I lost my oldest son in an elevator in Birmingham one time. It was the most panicked I have ever been. He was 3, and the elevator was in a Birmingham parking deck. Sick feeling, and now all my kids know the story and jump out of elevators very quickly, lol.

  12. Oh my, they are just too cute. yes, can relate to getting on the elevator. Soon, you will count all six kids and still feel like someone is missing. :)

  13. Hilarious...loving it!

    I keep forgetting to ask...who is your guide?

  14. thx for sharing. read each post and can't wait to see u safely home. might i introduce you to the chocolate covered expresso bean???

  15. I am giggling at your whole post...and you're right. That look isn't going to get him much in the way of sympathy. hee! I feel your pain on the elevator thing. We left one of our kids at Shriners (we only got out to the parking lot, but still...). I felt like such a dork running back in and finding him in the arms of a very alarmed looking woman. Sigh.... We had the other 7--do we get points for that?

  16. Oh dear friend you are the funniest! So sorry you lost a couple kids!! So glad you found them!!

    That look on Joey's face is is is so perfect...

    Now I'm laughing at Karin's response- just guessing this is in our future, too!

    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  17. Oh my gosh, I just love the smile I get every time I come here!!!! We are going back for #4 (ALL GIRLS) and I was just thinking the same thing. When will I sleep again? Since she is 2.5, perhaps in 17.5 years!!!
    I wish you all the blessings on the planet and for God to orchestrate travel days home with absolutely no drama or lost children!!!

    I look forward to laughing with you once you settle into life with 8!


  18. Okay, is it just me or is everyone else dying for a new post!! I'm scared they're ALL lost in the middle of a crowded market, never to be heard from again!!