Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Officially Ours!

Today we headed back to the Civil Affairs office where after completing our 1 day "Harmonious Period" to make sure that we still want to adopt them(we didn't need a day....we didn't need a second, they have been ours in our hearts and minds for months, their adoption became official and final in the eyes of the Chinese government.

They are ours.
Praise the Lord!

Where to even begin.
Hands down one of the most intense days of my life.
I'm not sure I have the brain capacity at the moment to even try and describe what that experience was like.
Scratch that. I know I don't.
There are no words.

We arrived around 2:30 and after a few incredible minutes of watching family after family be united with their child I was about ready to ugly cry. It was ahhhhmazing.
There is a curtain that separates the parents waiting area from where they keep the children until their name is called and not too long after our arrival there about 8 feet in front of me peaking out from behind that curtain was Jacob.

Be still my heart.

He immediately recognized us, smiled and waved.
Precious does not even begin to describe that moment in time but the look on his face is something I will never forget.
He bopped in and out of our view from that tiny crack in the curtain over the next couple of minutes each time smiling and waving more frantically and the anticipation was truly almost too much to bear. And then all of a sudden it was our name being called and out came our sweet Joseph.


It took the official a few minutes to remember/realize that we were also waiting for Jacob and they quickly then brought him out too.
Time stood still.


From then on out it is kind of a blur of fun, snackage, candy, toys and stolen hugs.
We then boarded the bus to head to the CareFour(oh my goodness I hope I can find the words tomorrow to try and tell you about that experience!!) they jumped right into our arms and have never looked back.

The last two days....though absolutely exhausting.....have been nothing short of miraculous. Everyone has adjusted remarkably, they are the happy, easy going kids I thought that they would be....just much, much smaller. None of the clothes I brought for them fit. Jacob is manageable size wise but Joey is as itty-bitty as itty bitty can get. I need to make a run to the toddler department some time soon.

They are a whole lotta love wrapped up in two tiny packages. 


  1. Wow, those pictures are awesome! These boys were just waiting for you to come...They were ready!

    Thank you Jesus that you brought this family together! May the transition continue to go as smooth!


  2. Oh...Sonia!! I just can't even put into words how happy I am for you! How wonderful that everything went so well. You can see the excitement on their faces...to have a family!! So awesome!! I can't wait to hear about the walmart trip because I can't even imagine what it was like with that crew!! Can't wait for tomorrow's post!!

  3. Oh, Sonia! They look they just fit right in! Like they've always been there. It won't be long before it really seems that way! So happy for your family!!! Hope the rest of your trip is smooth sailing. Rejoicing with you...

  4. The faces on all of you and the peeps says it all!! That is the happiest bunch of family I have ever seen! Blessed as well..!!

  5. This just blesses my socks off!

  6. WOW. I'm crying. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    Praise God for preparing these little guys' hearts SO well!

  7. It looks like they have been in that bunch forever! What an amazing blessing that it is going so well.
    Praying for it to continue. What boy wouldn't want to be a Martin?

  8. Oh, SONIA!
    You did it! You made me cry!! Although I knew you would.
    I am SO happy for you!! They are precious! I love that Jacob would sneak a peek to smile and wave.
    Congratulations. I'm loving every bit of it!!
    Keep the posts coming!!
    Much love to you!!

  9. wow oh wow.. you had me at that first peek and wave (or maybe HE had you is more accurate!) i am so amazed at how seamless their transition to you is-- i have known others who have adopted older children and it was pretty bumpy-- oh to see their faces- i can't even imagine what was was going on inside their little hearts and minds--"there's my new family!" "Hey-- they REALLY DID come for us, told ya!" "Why isn't my mom's hair curly?" (HA--ok00 maybe that last one is a joke in reference to the fried iron)
    when you adopt a little one (aka 2 and under) there is just so much tears and sadness and fear- that's what i'm used to-- but here there are smiles and excitement on BOTH sides-- what a treat!

  10. Love it. Love love love love it! LOVE the pic of you smiling and them both, and seeing them both smiling back at you with their whole faces. Love the story of Jacob peeking around and waving and getting excited. I could not have waited on the parents' side of the curtain! You must be so strong! So happy for you...still thinking of you every moment. When I was out for a run yesterday, I found myself smiling just thinking about those two precious boys and your family. And last night, my poor husband was waiting patiently while I finally got blogger to work so I could read it all... Keep those updates coming as time allows! Praising God with you!

  11. Do you just want to pinch them to make sure they are real?!! Love, love, love Jacob spying ya'll through the curtain. I am so glad your Harmonious period is going so... harmoniously. Is that a word? Speaking of words, your Chinese Word O' the Day on your blog is Thanksgiving. I'm giving thanks with you! And at least the clothes are too big so that they can grow into them. PS Where'd you get those crab pj's?

  12. Incredible!!!!!! Those are 2 of the cutest boys I have ever seen in my life. Have a wonderful time with them.


  13. Oh my...the picture of the bulk of your beautiful "Js" on the bed...that made it official...they are yours and they fit right in!!! What a miracle and blessing for you all!!!! So happy for you guys!!!! Off to dry my tears and hug my own kids now!! Love you all! The Machs

  14. Oh WOW....now you got me doing the ugly cry!

    PERFECT, JUST PERFECT!! Just LOVE the pictures, the way in which you got to "peek" at Jacob and his reactions. And did I mention the pictures? OH yeah...I did. They are wonderful. To see all of you together, adjusting so well already. All GOD! Did I say PERFECT? hugs!!

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see these pictures!!!!! I've been stalking you like crazy, waiting to hear an update (but just now getting around to commenting). :) SO glad to hear that they are doing well and are everything you expected and more! Praise you, Lord!!

  16. I'm so happy to see them with your family. They really grabbed our hearts when we visited the orphanage on 12/31/10. I just KNEW you were going to be thrilled with them.

  17. Oh Happy Day!
    I am beyond thrilled for you. They are so adorable!
    Counting down the days til you get to HK!
    Love & Blessings,

  18. I've just been smiling all week at these, but I finally have time to pop over from my Google reader to comment. Congratulations!