Monday, January 31, 2011

I Feel Like I've Been Run Over By A Bus.


Yesterday was fantastic!
Church, Power Wheels, learning to bike ride in the cul-de-sac, trampoline, toys, food, brothers...
I'm tellin ya.

And then it was time for bed.
The 4 youngest were basically starting to fall asleep standing up around 7pm so I threw in the bath and showers(one or the other, not both.....that'd be overkill.....or more accurately overclean.)
and tucked them in.
I came downstairs where John was reading and said,
"Honey. We have 6 kids and listen to how quiet it is at 7pm. This is great!"

All was fine until around 8:30pm when I heard some kind of muffled sound coming from their room.
I went in there and found Jacob absolutely soaked with tears.
Turns out he needed to go to the bathroom and I guess he didn't know that he was allowed to get up.
This kind of thing breaks my heart for them.

So we remedied that situation, loved on him, and put him back in bed.

All was fine
until around 12:30 when I awoke to the sound of Jacob and Jack reading a book together wide awake.
We remedied that situation, loved on them and put them back in bed.

All was fine until about 2:00am when I awoke to Justin complaining that Jacob kept waking him up.
We remedied that situation, loved on them and put them back in bed.

All was fine until around 3:15am when I awoke to Jack and Justin wandering around and Jacob sitting in his bed wide awake.
We remedied that situation, loved on them and put them back in bed.

All was fine until around 3:45am when I heard Joey crying in his bed.
At which point

There is no remedying that situation.
Stupid jet lag.
I pushed through yesterday with no nap,
was so proud of myself,
thought it would help me sleep great last night
but alas

I think I've slept something like 6 total hours in the last 3 days.

I'm beyond tired yet oddly unable to could have something to do with the high volume of caffeine I am in taking....but there's no way to know fo sure. 
I have a cold coming on
and John went back to work today.

I've never been run over by a bus before but I have a feeling this is kinda what it feels like.
Gotta go now and find my second wind.
I know I left it around here somewhere.


  1. Oh Sonia...we are so happy for you all! Really- you can't imagine the fun we have had following your faith journey in bringing Jacob and Joey home. Everyday we have prayed for you all and everyday everyone wants to know if you have posted new stories and pics on your blog. Hopefully the jet lag will pass quickly and you all will catch up on MUCH needed sleep soon. Lots of love is being sent from Tampa. Hugs and kisses for all of you!!

  2. It sounds like when you have a newborn and they have their days and nights mixed up. Except, your whole family has their days and nights mixed up. Oh, and they can get up and wander around the house. So, I guess not so much like a newborn. And poor John is back at work. I'm praying your family gets over jet-lag soon. Have you considered caffeine in an IV drip?

  3. I remember so well that will pass! What a relief to be at home and exhausted in your own home and not traveling. I am sure things will settle in for all 8 of you soon! Thank you for all the posting you did while in China--it was wonderful to follow and pray for all!!

    Welcome home momma of 6!!! :)

  4. Jet Lag. It is a mean and horrible thing. Unforgiving and stubborn. Thankfully it does wear off . . . either that or it just finds another exhausted traveler to pick on, I'm not so sure. You'll know when you wake up one of these mornings and it is daylight or near--and someone or several someones haven't wanted something to eat at 3:oo a.m. -- that you have kissed it goodbye! At least until you go back for that g-i-r-l . . . you know, the one who was mentioned somewhere a while back. Hmmm. It's all worth it, agreed?

    Rest up friend, and tell that darn cold to GO AWAY! You do not have time (nor energy) for such things!

    I'm sooo happy you're home!



  5. yep. coming back is hard. adjusting to a new normal routine is even harder. us old timers never told ya that did we???!!! shame on me! noboby will think any less of you if whip out the benadryl. and i'm not talking about the little, itty bitty 8 oz. bottle. no. i'm talkin' the Costco econo-size jug. for everyone.

  6. lol...not laughing at you, laughing with you! You're laughing, right?! :) Oh boy oh I remember those jet lagged days...ugh. Hang in there. Everyone will get on a normal sleep schedule eventually. It took me 2 1/2 weeks to stop wanting to go to bed at 6pm, but the kids seemed to adjust quicker than my husband or I did.

  7. Oh, girl, I'm sooooo feeling for you!
    Can you hire a baby sitter for about 3 days and go find a hotel room and sleep? : )
    Just kidding.
    So sorry. I have no words of wisdom. I basically had to ride it out.
    I hate the word sucks- but in this case- it certainly does!
    Try to get some sleep.

  8. I know for us coming home was so much harder jet lag wise than going over to China. Hang in there and try to get some rest. Maybe it is movie time..a really, really long movie!

    So glad that you are home. It does get better I promise you.


  9. Jet lag is so hard- you'll be living in a fog for a week or two.

    Oh my what a night! Sounds painful to me! 7:00- everyone in bed for the night- sounds to perfect to be true and... it was!!

    So sorry- hopin tonight is better for everyone.

    (our kids didn't know they could get out of bed either- kinda sad.)

  10. Wish we had more opportunity to meet and get to know each other in China...(spoke briefly at breakfast Thurs morning) I mentioned how I had followed Joey's file and watched for a family to submit LOI and how exciting it was to see him! Forget to tell you beautiful the rest of your family is and how I've enjoyed following your blog!!! Keep the updates coming!! and I relate to the jet lag bus thing!!!



  11. Oh Sonia! Praying that you can rest in the Lord until you're able to rest in your bed! Praying for sleep for everyone tonight. Jet lag definitely sounds like the worst part of this journey - not looking forward to that. ;) Good luck! Hugs and prayers!

  12. Ah, Sonia, I remember that feeling. It seems like adopting should be less tiring than giving birth, but alas, it's not so. On a brighter side, the tiredness doesn't last as long, since the kiddos are older and they will soon be sleeping all night! Praying for better rest tonight.

  13. Oh wow. That's a lotta lovin' you did in the middle of the night. I hope you made it through the day OK! As Lily is now crashed on the couch at 5:40 pm, I'm wondering what kind of events my night will hold...

  14. Sonia, please let me come to your house and stay with the kids or send them to mine and you can go somewhere and sleep. Send 'em all, I can handle it for a day. I'll throw the 4 little ones outside to climb trees and play war and the big ones can clean my house, cut my grass and wash my car. Just kidding about Jordan and Jason. But really, please let me help. I hate I didn't get to see you tonight. I DID send peanut m&ms cause I am #1 that way. Jack had them last with instructions to share. See you Wednesday, let me know if you need me.
    Love you all,

  15. So sorry will get better, I promise! Praying you all get beautiful sleep tonight!

  16. might be on your 16th wind by now!!! This is exactly what jetlag was for me. Random boys sleeping in random places at random times...and I only have 3 boys! (oh, and a 2 yr. old!!) It sucks...there's just no better word for it (well, one that I'm willing to write anyway). It does get better...eventually. Hang in there!! It's what I dread most with going back to China!!!!

  17. Keep up the good work. I'm sending you some energy.

  18. Home slice! I so feel your pain...makes me exhausted just reading your post!!! Hang in there, yo. It will only take a month to get over the jet lag. Kidding! Really only a few days and everyone will be sleeping like babies. And before you lose your mind, go to the store and get some spray Melatonin to squirt in their mouths at bedtime...a natural remedy that will help everyone get their sleep cycles back on track.
    SO glad you're home...LOVED reading about your adventures in China. Now the REAL adventure begins!!! Just keep putting one foot in front of the've got six kids now! Heheheheh.
    Love you - Colleen

  19. FYI your Mandarin word of the day means "to rest."

  20. So not fun. Jet lag is the worst.
    But could you please crawl out from under the bus and post some more... your audience awaits!