Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was a free day with a tour to the Childrens Park.
In case you were wondering what that sound you were hearing in the distance today it was the giggles of two little boys having the time of their lives.

Gracious how I wish I could bottle up that sound.

After the park we headed back to the largest grocery/shopping store known to man and that's when we saw it.


Chicken feet.
Chicken feet in all flavors.

Oh yeah baby..
Yes to the chicken to the sardines.
(We do have our limits.)

We ended yet another fantastic day with dinner with sweet Lilly and her family.

2 moms.
12 kids.

Tomorrow is orphanage visit day.
8 Days till home!


  1. I can't even imagine how excited they must be...experiencing all of these wonderful things for the first time!! It is absolutely amazing!! do you eat those chicken feet? Do you just pull them right out of the bag? I think I might gag.........

  2. I LOVE the smiling pictures. Also happy to see your bio boys. Thanks for sharing your friend's blogs. I love reading them and have become addicted. I feel like I know Lily's family. Too bad she left a couple kids in the States. Could have been 2 moms and 14 kids. Slackers. Did Lily, Joey and Jacob have a lot to talk about? I wonder if they think you are all crazy. I don't know why you draw the line at sardines. Sounds a lot better to me than chicken feet. Praying for you, Lisa

  3. Sweet! But I still think you should be able to find chicken feet in Alabama. Praying for ya'll w/ the orphanage visit. I expect it will be an emotional day.

  4. You are so fun!
    And I could almost hear those squeals of delight from the park (or was that over the chicken feet)!
    Counting down the days til you arrive in Hong Kong!
    Love & Blessings,

  5. We were at that park - it was so fun and there was laughter all around. What a fun day for all the kids! Praying for the orphanage visit my friend. Thanks for keeping us all update - love following along.

  6. Oh so happy! Are the chicken feet pre-cooked?? ALl of your boys are so handsome. Cannot wait to hear about the orphanage visit. So fun that they are old enough to know that a visit there does not mean they are going back there for good...we avoided the orphanage trip for fear that Lilly would not react well to it. I know it was the right decision fo rus, but still wish I could have laid eyes on the place she spent her earliest days and years. Staying tuned!

  7. I don't know.....I think sardines way before I would go for the chicken feet.

    BBllecckk...the thought makes me shiver.

  8. Sonia,

    Isn't it so fun to experience things through their eyes again? I remember a lot of firsts with Claire and Caleb that I had been taking for granted with my other kiddos. We had one yesterday..first time sledding in the snow!

    Not so thrilled about the chicken feet but Joey is and that is all that is important!


  9. Exactly WHERE are you packing all of those chicken feet?!? LOL! So happy you found them. Sounds like an amazing meal with 12 kids! Wow! Fantastic!

  10. Hey, girl, you know they have chickens here in Alabama. ;0) I do have a few in my backyard. . . .If any quit laying, I will give ya a holla!

  11. Talk about Table manners??? THey look like future business men discussing the economy or somehting!! Great stuff!!

  12. I love how your ending has now switched to "8 days until we are home" instead of "until gotcha time" or "until (enter paperwork name here) time"...watching the progression from the beginning has been so fun!!! The mach's

  13. I thought I commented on this but who knows- I must not have! Silly me!!
    Love the pics of the kids having fun! I can hear their laughter and squeals of joy all the back in the good ole USA!!

    They are a perfect fit with your crew! pretty soon you won't be able to tell who the new guys are!

    I have seen Lily in her blog- she is cutey! Bet it's got you thinking!! ;-)
    I know I am a bad influence on you!

  14. Lovin' seeing you WHOLE family together and having so much fun!!!!

  15. It's not nice to get people like me hooked on your blog and then make us wait longer than a day for a new post. I can't imagine what else would be taking priority over your bloggy fans?!

    Glad to hear everything is going so well!