Monday, January 24, 2011

A Birthday, A Special Dinner & A Bath

Our oldest got a little older today.

Jason is 14.....which means I am old...

What a special birthday night we had!
I had asked our guide to order a cake for us and I would pay her for it, she did it one better by talking to the hotel who ordered one and had it delivered to our room for free.

We brought it to dinner where we met up with sweet Lilly and her family and blogging super star Sally!


Sally is just as sweet in person as she is in blog land that is fo sure.
We need to get a better pic of the three of us together and our ridiculous number of combined kiddos.
I think between the 3 of us we have something like 22 kids.
Sally did a lot to up our average.

The aftermath was pretty ugly but we had a great time nonetheless despite the fact that my children seem to be periodically suffering from the
"We are in China we can act like complete monkeys and behave like a bunch of wild people in the restaurant" syndrome.
Anyone know of any medication for that?
Me neither.

Back to the hotel after dinner and we were ready for "Baf!" as Jacob and Joey call it.
Seriously people.
I wish you could hear the giggles and belly laughs that come from something so simple as a bubble bath.

 5 days till home!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Jason! I'm sure it's a birthday he will never forget! I have had a 14 yr. old for a while, so I guess that means I'm older than you!!!!!

    I bet the restaurants try to hide when they see that crew of 22 kids coming!!! Lord~!!! Love it!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jason! My Jared turned 14 yesterday! (which means, I, too, am old).

    Those little guys will most definitely keep you young, though!

    5 more days, eh? I know you must be having a blast but feeling ready to return to your new "normal" life!

  3. Happy birthday Jason and happy birth day mom and dad! I always love "baf"time pictures!

  4. You look like you all are having a wonderful time!!
    But, I know how it feels to want to go HOME.
    There is nothing better than home.
    Tell Jason Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to Jason!! Jackson is 14 in a couple of weeks. And don't EVEN go to the I am old stuff. If you are old, I am ancient and you don't want me to feel bad, do you? So happy you are having a good time. Do you remember your first night when you ate with the people who had been there for weeks and your kids fell asleep at the table? You are now the experienced ones. Get ready for that trip HOME! Have Jordan and Joey sit together and maybe they can hold each others heads when they get sick. Ugg. Seriously, how does a pilot's son get air sick??? Love, Lisa

  6. Great pics!! happy birthday Jason!!

    Oh my girl- you are young young young! I probably babysat you when we were kids!

    Sally had a great time with all of you!! I'm totally jealous... Wish I was there with Ava and Sam!

  7. Those pictures of Jason just make me smile. It is so wonderful to see such a happy 14 year old! Great pics of everyone! :)

  8. What a great birthday party! happy birthday Jason!
    old looks good on ya girl! hehehee

  9. How fun!! Happy Birthday!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  10. Late in posting this but even later in seeing it. What can I say... we leave in 9 days. I am FRAZZLED!
    I am so happy for you all. And you are right, the picture of 6 made me laugh! And 6 in China! Whoa Nelly! So glad to see that it is all good. :o)