Friday, January 7, 2011

A Big Change in Our Family?.......

So this morning before school I was introducing Jack to my virtual....soon to be real life friend Angela.
She and I are adopting kiddos from the same orphanage who are almost the same age, we are staying in the same hotel, and are both crazy enough to bring a few of our children along for the trip.
She even has a 13 year old boy that is coming....which....needless to say....has made my 13 and almost 13 year old boys very, very happy.

But there's more.

She is adopting Lilly.
And folks,
I gotta tell you
as crazy excited as I am to meet the boys....
...I am just about equally excited to meet Lilly.

So as I was virtually introducing Jack to Angela and Lilly he turns and says to me,

"Mom. Can we adopt a girl next?"

That's right.
The first.
The one and only
to ever broach the topic of having a girl in this testosterone world of ours.

And I must admit......after I picked myself up from off of the floor....
that this video of Lilly would make anyone to have a girl.
I could listen to that giggle all the live long day.
In fact, I have no idea how Angela is able to prepare for this trip and not just sit and replay that laugh over and over and over again.

So Lilly, sweet girl, you just may have turned the tide in our house.....


  1. I am so excited for you and your two new boys- I love the video- love love love it!

    On top of all that, you are talkin GIRL- well, of course you know if you bring home one girl it is only fitting to bring home two girls! (yes, I am a trouble maker! Always have been, always will be!)

    You do that and you will win the follower war! NOW that's reason enough!! I know you are competitive!!


  2. Oh, she would soooo be THE princess! I think it's just so special to see our kids' hearts opening and becoming so aware of orphans and their needs. For young kids to want to keep opening their home to more siblings is clearly God working in their hearts!

  3. Everybody needs a few of each. Or maybe a good many of each? ;-) Actually, we know it is God
    Who puts our families together, and I LOVE how He has been putting ours together!

    Can't wait to see how He puts yours together, too!

    And I agree, Lilly's sweet smile and giggle would make anyone think pink! She is precious!

    AND I agree with Jean. One needs a sister. . .;0)

  4. I LOVE IT .. and I agree. :) And that Lilly .. can't wait to see her in your photos too - what a doll baby. Hope the packing is going well .. not much longer, yeah!!!!

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! There is nothing sweeter than seeing the way our 3 year old empress (I mean, princess) has our 13 year old son wrapped around her pretty little finger.

    But I have to tell you how those boys of yours are melting my heart every time I see their sweet faces.

    Getting closer by the day!!!

  6. You're not going to believe the conversation at my house this morning.....
    My hubby was looking over my shoulder while I visited blogs and said "Is that your friend?" I wasn't on YOUR blog, but I knew he was talking about YOU because I've been talking about you pretty much non-stop for the last month or so (stalking, yes. scary, yes. it's ok though. we adopted from China too - you know we've had background checks).

    Anyways, I quickly clicked over here so I could show him your darling family, right after I got over the shock that he actually wanted to enter this cyber world I live in half the time. So I come on over here and show him the pictures of all your boys and say "Look at ALL those boys!! And honey, they're going to adopt two MORE boys. Isn't that awesome! I mean, they already had FOUR and they're going to adopt two more - don't you LOVE that!!!"

    And he says "I guess they don't want girls"
    (Shows what he knows about WHY people adopt. But I'll give him that lecture later)

    Anyways (if you're still reading) I reply (before I've read your last post, mind you): "Oh, Sonia will be back. She'll go back for a girl, you just wait and see."

    And then I read your post - HA!! So you thought Jack came up with the idea, but see, I KNEW it first. And now it's official: You will be adopting again, and it'll all be about pink that time.

    By the way - you are probably adopting the two sweetest and cutest boy in ALL of China, and are making ME want to add another boy to this testosterone filled home of mine!!!

    And I have to ask - did you figure out the VPN thing??? 'Cause you must blog while in China. Or I might die.

  7. Can't wait to follow along on your journey! I was so hoping to get to go, but our TA didn't come! February will be here soon!

    And yes, you should definitely listen to your son!!

  8. She is so precious! And yes...I think you definitely need a girl in that house!! So sweet!

  9. Definitely think there should be a baby princess in your family. Maybe 2 so one doesn't get so much attention it goes to her head! :) See - we're just all about expanding YOUR family!

  10. Oh my goodness, how cute is she!!!! Yep, that would do it for me too!! There is nothing like a little girl giggle!!

  11. Sure! You can repost...we moms with boys need to stick together! We are so outnumbered!!

  12. Just smiling at you and with you! Yes, those boys (and you!) could use some pink. And I am So ready to go back and bring home either gender that anyone who is already talking about "next time" before they go "this time" is resonating with me! Can't wait!

  13. YES! YES! AND YES AGAIN! Go, girl, go! And I'm telling you--your children have the sweetest hearts of anyone I know. So you can skip the Sheperding class and just stay with us on Wednesday nights. By the way, you are rubbing off on Toni....I think she'll wind up being an adopter when she's much older and much more married. Love the Martins!

  14. Well, we are going to need someone for Easton to marry. It would really make holidays much easier if we could just hang out with one set of in-laws. ;-) Getting so excited for you!!

  15. Oh WOW Sonia! Hmmm....I have a feeling you're gonna be on the lookout while in China or at least maybe Jack will be. ;) TOO FUN!!

    Days now my friend....actually HOURS!! YAY!!!

  16. Now I will really need to follow your blog!! :)

  17. Yep...
    A little girl would be a wonderful addition to your family.....

    Can't wait to see what happens.....

  18. You are raising the sweetest boys ever! Can't wait to see what God has in store for the Martin family!!