Friday, January 28, 2011

A Hong Kong Hello!

We have arrived in Hong Kong and as I sit here and leisurely sip my Starbucks the kids are playing in the waiting area behind me.
Ahhhh, life is good.
Well, life is harder than it was last week......
but still good.

The boys grieving stages have begun.
The tears have been flowing
The I'm not gonna walk because you won't let me have more candy episodes have started
But all in good time.
They're learning.
We are learning.
And together
A ginourmous family.

It is 10:51 am local time and soon we will depart to Seoul.
A few hours layover and then we head home.
This trip has been incredible, humbling, super fun, emotionally taxing, exhausting and just plain amazing.
God is good.

Next post from home where I will need to quickly get to a grocery store.
These boys eat like they are making up for lost time.
I think I will move into the produce section of the grocery store plant a garden.
Cherry Tomatoes
& Raisins seem to be their favorites.
None of which I of course brought before leaving.
I also desperately need a lesson on cooking congee.
But that's a post for another time.

Thank you again for all of your supportive comments,
our friends continue to amaze me!

See you on the flip side!


  1. YEa for Hong Kong!! happy travels!

  2. Searching for congee recipes now. Safe travels!
    Love & Blessings,

  3. I can't believe you're on your way home!! Yay!! Praying jetlag is not horrible for you and everyone sleeps!!

    I have loved following your journey! I am so happy for you!!

  4. Um - Totally loved your last post about the socks! You've got quite a little character in your hands.
    And my only word of advice - which I guess you already know because you do have a bit of mom experience is...
    pick your battles.
    And enjoy your ginormous family.

  5. So glad you are on your way home!
    Now life begins. : )
    I showed Trent (the hubby) yesterday's post on Homeboy. We laughed and laughed!! He's not into blogs- so I know he really liked it.

    Can't wait until you catch up on some sleep and let us know how the boys are settling in!!

    Love your ginormous family!! : )

  6. So excited for your family - can't wait to hear how things transition once you are home!

  7. I beat you home!!!!! I can finally post comments on blogs!!!! i loved meeting you and just know we will be friends for life!!!! Wish we lived closer!!!

  8. Praying for the flight! Safe travels, friend! ;)

  9. Praying that you arrive home safely! God is so good!!!

  10. Yay! So glad you are heading home!!

    Can't wait to hear more stories on life with 7 boys (I counted the hubby)!

    Our girls did that with their pants and socks, too...