Sunday, January 16, 2011

The View From Here

Being here now
I see them.
I see them everywhere.
I see them when they were babies in these precious little Asian faces.
I see them as toddlers with their split pants.
I see them as teenagers walking with their friends.
But I also see her.
And I see him.

This morning I was standing in front of our hotel room window drinking my coffee and taking in the sights.

And I saw a mother emerge from her high rise apartment building with her baby wrapped up tightly against the cold.

Maybe she was on her way to work.
Maybe she was on her way to the market.
Wherever she was headed in that moment
I saw her.
I saw both of them.

I saw them and what it must have been like that day.
Did they too emerge from their home one morning with their precious, sick little boy in her arms.
Wrapped up tightly against the cold.
Clutching that baby boy so tightly to her chest.
What must it have been like that day.
What must it have been like to leave your baby.
What must it have been like to have loved him for so long
It is more than my head or my heart can really grasp hold of.

So instead I will just simply love.

Today is January 16th, 2011.
Their last day as orphans.


  1. It is hard to fathom.

    Beautifully written.

    Praying for you and your boys today.


  2. Isn't our God so good, that He gives us the privilege of being His hands and feet!! (I totally typed that without realizing it was the name of your blog...... DUHHHH!!!)

  3. Tearing up from this entry. I cannot even imagine!

  4. oh! my!

    This post is making me cry.....right now...

    You are right, it is impossible to grasp this....

    Praying for all of you as you meet and then begin the transition to becoming a family!


  5. What an amazing thought...Orphans No More!! Thank you, God!! So excited!!

  6. Sonia,

    I so remember struggling with the same thoughts when we saw the walking bridge where Claire was found. As I walked on the bridge I just prayed for her birth mom and thanked her for leaving her somewhere where she could be found and eventually loved forever by us. What an awesome day for your boys...last day forever as orphans! Tomorrow they become...

    and loved forever


  7. it gives you chills, doesn't it? knowing how their lives will change forever so soon!

  8. The only thought that is in our hearts are that you and John are true ANGELS from God.... I am blessed and proud of you always!
    Love always,

  9. It is too much to even think about let alone understand...

    Praise God- they soon will have their forever family!!

    Thank you Jesus!!

  10. Girl, you have got me crying all the way in Montgomery. GO GET THEM! Surely it is time!~ When we wake up in Alabama they will have a FAMILY!!!!!
    I love yall and love them so get them and get home NOW.

  11. it makes one think: in adoption there is always both JOY and PAIN. both by the giver and the receiver. The same for our adoption by God. In order for us to experience the Joy, He had to experience the Pain.. for us to experience the Joy - we had to experience the Pain..
    Our children, the ones we adopt, had/have/will experience pain to have the Joy. As will we.. as do their bio parents..
    Oh thank you Father in Heaven to give us a glimpse of our adoption by you so we better understand this earthly adoption.. and this earthly adoption to understand this unquestionable LOVE you have for us...

  12. This made me cry. Thank you God that they won't be orphans anymore.