Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Child Lost in China A Child Found in China

Today we left the safety and easy-going nature of the island and walked over the pedestrian bridge to check out the local markets.


The infrastructure here is remarkable to me. How goods are transported via bicycle piled 25 boxes high, shop after shop selling everything from frog legs and dried seahorse to auto parts and underwear. It amazes me how it all comes together to sustain such a large population.

Anyhoo, it's crowded......crowded being a HUGE understatement. You move with the throngs of people or you get run over.
Keeping tabs on 6 boys in that.....well, let's just say we are brave to give it a try......brave.....or crazy stupid......I'm not honestly sure which one.

And after I tell you what I am about to tell you I can say it was definitely crazy stupid.

We had a great walk though and after about 30 minutes we were headed back to the island for a slurpee from the 7-11and that's


Jacob had to go to the bathroom and mercifully after a few minutes of looking we found a public restroom right before the stairs to the pedestrian bridge.
John took him in and I corralled the other 4 kids off to the side to wait.......
wait.....hold on.......4 kids?
.....there were only 4 others.


I immediately start calling shouting his name and frantically searching everywhere, my eyes were darting from face to face looking for him amongst the sea of people my heart pounding out of my chest.


He was gone.

I had even my crazy momma yelling..... to get John's attention all the way in the bathroom{yes...that's how loud I was. He could hear me all the way in the bathroom through all the noise of a busy Chinese sidewalk street.}

Do picture this scene clearly in yo head.
Ya know, me standing there holding onto all those little hands in a sea of Asian faces screaming {and I do mean screaming}
"Stellaaaaaa" "Juussstttinnnnn" over and over and over again,
voice cracking in fear,
ever increasing in volume,
you get the nightmare picture.

It's making my blood pressure rise and a lump form in my throat just recounting these few minutes.

And the crowd that gathered.

That gathered.

All huddled around me staring at me in confusion.


Like we aren't a spectacle enough.
Some were yelling something back at me in Mandarin, some were gesturing, most were just standing there watching this white woman with all those boys lose her ever-loving mind smack dab in the middle of the street.

Finally Jason had the where with all to go look up the stairs of the bridge that we were about to cross back over and sure enough.....

browsing some wares that were being sold on the bridge.

Thank you Jesus.

He came down at which time I wanted to hug him, yell at him and find a baby carrier that would fit his 8 year old self in it and carry him the rest of the trip.
The crowd then began to dissipate but not before I got a lecture or two from some elderly women that I did not have Joey and Jacob dressed warm enough.
It's 68 degrees and they are wearing pants, a long sleeve shirt and a coat.
We are good.
Thankyouverymuch {though I do find their concern slightly endearing. What must they think of us.}
So all is well, we applied for their passports today at the police station and played at the park again this evening.

I would share more but I have to go and count kids again.......just to make sure I didn't lose anyone....
not that I would ever do that.

Home in 10 days.....with all 6 children.


  1. Oh my goodness. I was sick at my stomach just reading this. Praise Jesus everything is fine. That is one of my biggest fears. I guess it's most mamas' fear. Just keep countin', girl! ;)

  2. That is why this old gray haired lady did the buddy system when in China with three girls alone :) If you didn't have a hold of your "buddy" then you didn't get to go.

  3. How awful!! We "misplaced" 2 of ours for a few minutes (seconds) in a shopping center in China. I thought I might just die right could they ever let me leave with one of "there's" when I couldn't keep up with the ones I had!!! We found them in a store and talked to them (chewed them out). All was well! So glad you found him scary!!

  4. So scary..every mom's worst nightmare made even worse by being in China with the throngs of people. So glad he was found and all is well. Buddy system time it is!


  5. Oh, I can't imagine how frightened you must have been.

    So happy to see the boys doing so well, and you all enjoying your time there.

  6. they are just so stinkin' cute! seriously-- how do you take it? they have me wrapped around their little fingers- and i only see the 2-D version!!!!

    now nowhere have i heard about shopping-- woman-- priorities!!!!!

  7. I know the area you are talking about and I know the grip on Hanna's clothes I had as we walked around. (loved the market BTW) oh my .. I cannot imagine how scary that was.
    Looks like everyone is doing great - can't wait to hear more of the adventures!

  8. First the bandage now this. I don't know if I can take much more! :) I can only imagine how ya'll must feel!
    I love all the pictures. Your boys are all so so precious. Now did I read something somewhere about some video?...

  9. Sam wandered off a few months ago. And yes, 60 seconds felt like years. So scary!
    On a positive note ... the photos are heart warming!
    Hoping to see you all in Hong Kong!
    Love & Blessings,

  10. Oh, no! How frightening! Someone in our travel group back in 2005 lost their daughter for about 15 minutes because she didn't get on the elevator with us. Everyone was so terrified. I remember thinking - back then - she's in the hotel. She's fine. You just need to reconnect with her. Remember I had been a mom less than a week. *embarrassed grin* Now that the Tongginator is almost seven, just a year younger than that lost little gal, I totally understand the panic. You know your child is terrified, and you can't get to them. Ack!

  11. I'm trying to count this as part of our lessons each day in class ;o), geograpghy (you are IN China for goodness sakes), and today major Drama class! geesh what a way to make a girls heart stop!
    happy it all worked out... now back to math..maybe.. i may just go back over all the precious photos ONE more thousandth time ;o))))

  12. Your descriptions remind me so much of Korea. I am so pleased you found him before your heart stopped. I lost Jackson once in a department store. He was hiding from me. Lasted about 5 minutes and I was ready to die.
    The old ladies scolding you is also very much like Korea! It is so fun hearing about you every day. THANK YOU!!

  13. Yeah, we had to keep taking head counts in China, too. At least the blond ones stick out in the crowd. (Glad you found him!) I got sick to my stomach when I lost our guide. Seriously, she should wear a big yellow hat or something.

  14. Heart attack!!! Glad it didn't take long to find him - good job Jason!

  15. I'm trying to get MY heart to slow down after READING about it (and if you're blogging - he's obviously not lost anymore). I think I was holding my breath while reading - how scary!!! So glad everyone is fine.

    Great pics! Loving them! :) Thanks for sharing.

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  17. Whew!!!! How scary that must have been!! Our Caleb would be the one to wander off like that! We have to always keep a close eye on him:) Oh and btw, your 2 newest precious ones are just adorable!!!

  18. So glad you have 6 back in toe. It looks like you are having a wonderful time and your boys are adjusting well. They are precious. Look forward to meeting you in a couple days.
    PS we have gotten trouble numerous times about not having Max dressed warm enough!