Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Lookie-Loo Around Our Hotel Home

Alternately titled:
How I Managed To Shove All That Stuff I Packed Into A Hotel Room

Sonia's Snack Shack.

Bathtime fun(monkey scrubber didn't fit into a suitcase so he came over tied to my head as a hair accessory....on the advice of a friend. Genius I'd say. Pure Genius.)

Book Store

The Suitcase I haven't unpacked yet.

oh wait, you weren't supposed to see that.

John's Bistro


Joey & Jacobs clothes drawers

Wait that was really cute.....let's say look at that one again...
Joey & Jacob's clothes drawers

We sent them backpacks awhile ago so I am assuming that they will show up with them. In lieu of that we have packed a few special things into these gift bags instead of a backpack.

Two new toothbrushes

And that concludes our tour.
More later.
I have to go renew my membership in Overpackers Anonymous.


  1. Ah....I LOVE your organizational displays there...perfect for my crazy mind, too!! And well ya just never know what you MIGHT need, huh? ;) You are just hours away from two more precious little guys...HOURS! So cool! All this preparing and packing and planning and paperwork comes down to what is about to happen. Two boys are given the gift of your family to forever call you momma! God moments ahead....hang on! HUGS!!

  2. So where did you hide the other 4 boys while you were taking those pictures? And how can the room be that neat?!?! When we were there (with our 3), everything was a disaster!!

    I can't believe you're SO close!!! I just can't stand it!

  3. Congrats, and all I can say is that is the most organized and well packed hotel room I have ever seen!!! BRAVO!! now will you take a pic 48 hours after you have 6 boys in that room??? LOL

    Sending you best wishes, and happy transition thoughts to those boys of yours:)

  4. Yea!!
    THanks for the tour!

    You just can't imagine how excited I am to wake up in the morning to see the boys WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!


    I think I will set my alarm for 3 am.
    Crap. WHat time are you getting them?
    Have you even told us?
    If it's 7pm Central time here it's gotta be 9am there now.
    Are you up? If you are- blog what time you get the boys!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Wow, that looks like a lot of snacks. But with 6 boys I bet they will go quickly! :)
    Such a big day for the Martins-- thanks for letting us tag along.

  6. according to my watch, you are T-minus 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot!!!

    and OH MY WORD!!!!! your snack shelf just made me laugh!!!!are you lovin' the victory? do you have the wrap-around room??

  7. Love it! Love seeing the pictures. Love knowing that you are hours away from getting your boys!


  8. Oh me, oh my, go get those boys already! Love the organized snacks, the bath toys, the awesome monkey scrubber hair accessory (what a marvelous idea, lol), the little blue vests, and the boy's clothes (both times)!

    Watching and waiting, and praying you in as a family of EIGHT!



  9. Looks awesome! I wanna be in your family ;o)
    one suggestion... if you have everything out now (do you?) then they may think that they get "new" stuff each day ... may want to slowly give them stuff.. as well as to not overwhelm them. again.. just a thought.
    or who cares and spoil them crazy for the years missed and you can bring them reality in two weeks ... ;o)

  10. Oh, I'm so glad you finally joined the OA club. I was wondering when your membership money would come through! Your room looks like some place I wanna be...I know those boys will be so excited to see how well their mama takes care of them.

    Oh, PS - I'm FREAKING OUT right about now...HURRY UP and let us know!!!!!

  11. Love it! Cannot wait for the next post!
    Praying from Hong Kong,

  12. You are so cute- you are all unpacked and ready to go!

    You have snacks galore for your growing boys! I use my trip to China for a diet- I lose 5 lbs every time- love it!!(okay I gain it back BUT we keep heading to China so I'm doing okay!)