Monday, January 10, 2011

T-3 Days till Travel

I'm still here!
I'm just
busy makin myself crazy.

Amongst all of that I have an important announcement to make.

It's a biggie.
You may want to sit down.
Brace yourselves....
I think I may have....


I wish someone would have told me....
oh wait....
you all did tell me.
A lot.


I need to work on being a better listener.
By the way you can laugh, it won't hurt my feelings. :)

Schools are closed today.
Roads are closed today.
Our departure airport is essentially closed today.

Oh my.
Praise you Lord that this storm is hitting now and not a few days from now cuz  I think I'd be sucking my thumb in the corner if that were the case.

More soon when I get my act together including details about a surprise baby shower that my friends threw for me last night.
They are ridiculously cool like dat.

But for now I'm off to cram more unnecessary items into suitcases!


  1. Oh my! I wondered how you pack all that in. Good luck! Praying the snow is all cleared and flights are back on schedule soon! Praying for your last few days here and the amazing journey you're about to embark upon. ;)

  2. That is cuh-razy that you are leaving in just a FEW DAYS, YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not bouncing off the wall or anything, are you? And I love that you're an overpacker. And if you need help, I am the president of Overpackers Anonymous. Really. Come see me if you need help.
    ps - AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I get butterflies just thinking about how close you are to travel! Yippee! go finish packing.

  4. ahhh this may sound weird- but ENJOy this anticipation- the days before you meet them- i didn't with amy or ben, i was just so anxious to meet them that all the before was a blur- but with noah i tried to relish every second of that week before- maybe that sounds weird- but this is me we're talking- so that wouldn't be far from the mark!!

    praying for good airpoort weather too- i hear ya-- we were delayed by fog in san fran- and i almost had a nervous breakdown!!!

  5. ok- just re-read your post and i missed the overpacked part (yes it was in bold, yes i need to get my eyes checked!)

    AND I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!! because i had to hold myself back when i saw what you packed last week-

    yes sweetie. you overpacked. remember- you'll be in GZ, china- not in timbuktu, antartica:) so now we need to see what didn't make the cut!!!!

  6. Yes, please let us know if the monkey scrubby thingies made the cut! :) I have goose bumps just thinking of where you'll be in a few days, and who you will be hugging in just a week!

  7. I thought about you and your upcoming travel date when all this winter weather hit! Sooooo glad it came now and not in 3 days!

  8. Holy Moly!

    Three days!

    Three days!


    Keeping you in my prayers, girlfriend!

  9. Ahhh I would comment more but I have to go weigh myself with my bags again!!! See ya in a few!! Who would have ever have thunk when you first emailed me when I was in China getting Gio??????? I mean really!!!!!!

  10. Just remember how much lugging of those bags you will have to do!! I guess you will have several helpers, though! We were the lightest packers in our group--but it was just Tim and I and Lindsey (10 months). We had a much simpler feat than you!!

  11. I'm another Longgang mom, home for a little over a month now. So excited to follow you to China! Love your posts!
    I feel your packing pain... I was so glad to be on the plane where I didn't have the opportunity to change my mind again about what to take!

  12. If it makes you feel better we've spent the last few nights putting things in suitcases, lugging them over to the bathroom scale, weighing them, lugging them back, unpacking them then rearranging things and doing it all over again.

    I think that's the definition of insanity. :)

    T-2 now....

  13. SO EXCITED!!
    Who cares how much you packed!! If they let you on the's all good!!