Thursday, January 6, 2011

My To-Do List.....7 Days Out

it's not pretty...

But it's been highly effective as I lie in bed every-night wide awake wondering if I'm missing something
in clearing my head.

It all neccesitates much time in front of this

with lots
and lots
and lots
of this

7 days to travel.
9 days till Gotcha.
I need a refill.


  1. I'm with ya, friend. I'm with ya....fill 'er up!

  2. Just so you know, the coffee we had in China was actually really good (or maybe we were just THAT tired). And (I know you have to already know this) there is a Starbucks in Guangzhou. Go get 'em!

  3. ok-- in your great wall of packing-- were there backpacks for the boys to hoard their goodies?? if not- then i see a trip to stuffmart- and don't buy just one silly! :)

    (are you spitting out your 12th cup of coffee out yet?)

  4. You'll get there and it will all be perfect because you will be together.
    Praying for a bit of calm for you in the days ahead as you anticipate travel.
    Happy packing and planning!

  5. Ha! Great Wall of Packing! I love that! I'm gonna use that next week. I am actually counting on getting all the stuff we sent them in care packages back when we meet them. One of those packages were two backpacks filled with goodies so hopefully they will arrive with them. If not, I guess we'll pick up two more when we get there. I did that purposefully so that we wouldn't have to pack back packs. We'll see if it worked or not!

  6. oh-- and eat all your favorite foods ( i would recommend q-doba's as china does NOT know how to do mexican food right) now and open your mouth in the shower because you'll be saying adios to that in 7 short days!!!

    and fast internet
    and soft cushy beds
    get ready to gain 5 pounds at the breakfast buffet
    but you can always walk it off as you do laps around the island!!!!

    hmmmmm simple card games?? like a kids version of uno? (as in thomas the train uno- very simple!)
    pepto bismal for the kids as their diet is going to change?

    tylenol PM?

    who's blogging for ya??? or do you have that figured out? b/c there will be a violent riot across america as we look to see your new post and it ain't there.

    and don't you dare say-- "we have the boys! will post pictures later!" on your gotcha day-- pictures and video woman!!!!!!

  7. and don't forget you have access to an awesome starbucks!!! the downside is that it is the same price as it is here- so a bit pricey-- but they do have awesome flavors we don't have here! if they have the bkacl cherry mocha-- i forbid you to leave china without trying it!

  8. Can't believe your turn is almost here! I'm so going to wish I was heading back with you in about 7ish days. Well, maybe not during the travel part, but the rest would be nice. Oh, bummer...Danny's Bagel was too far from the White Swan to get delivery. The Papa John's was great, though. It looks like you have everything you need and then some from the earlier post...don't believe in "roughing it", do you?! Post lots while you're gone. The internet service is good so there's really no excuse...other than 6 boys who won't want to stay holed up in the hotel room so you can blog.

  9. You are SO way ahead of me. I'm going to zoom in on your list and see what I forgot to put on mine :)

  10. I love that others are telling you that we had better hear some updates from China! :)

    Get a refill and good luck with your prep! How exciting!!! I can only imagine the butterflies in your stomach right now. :)

  11. I second Emily's funny about the water in the shower...ahhh, it's the little things!!

    Also, second her blogging comment...don't leave us hangin'!!

    It's amazing how attached to our computers we become through this journey. I slept with mine when we were waiting to travel...I just felt like it was my only link to Wesleigh.

    I'm so excited!!!