Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello from Korea!

Good Morning everyone!
It's 6:00am local time and we are waaaayyy closer to a couple of little boys I know.

We have a couple of hours here in Seoul and I am finally getting my first chance at an internet connection since we left.

I don't have a clear idea what time of day my body thinks it is or what day of the week for that matter so bear with me and my 1 hour of sleep in the last 24 hours......let's all see just how funny I can be at 6am on the other side of the world.

2 men walked into a bar.
You'd think one of them would have ducked.

I'm gettin punchy I think.

So let me begin with the question that I just know is on your minds....
Sonia's Adventure in Packing.
Survey says:

I know,
I know.
Try and contain your shock.

$50 later for our overweight charge and we were on our way.

The flight was pretty well uneventful.
It was at the point at which I was holding Jordan's head while he was throwing up and Jack was kicking me in the stomach(unintentionally) trying to get comfortable that I was exceptionally glad that I did that moment...have access to a credit card.

Because I was about 2 seconds away from walking up the flight attendant, handing her my card and marching all 6 of us right on into business class with their off the hook lay down flat seats.
Good thing.

Nobody really slept on the plane...sans Jordan...who was all hopped up on motion sickness meds.
Lucky duck
Lucky puky duck.
As we speak we are awaiting something....anything... to open so we can grab some breakfast.
Jack is pacing like a caged animal in a valiant attempt to stay awake
Justin is giving me some....ahem.....attitude in the form of being ridiculously overtired
Jordan is chillin with his ipod
and Jason is standing here waiting for me to feed him.

Such is life.

For some reason I am having trouble uploading pics but I will try again when we get to GZ.
More soon, the natives are getting restless and the husband is snoring so it's off to hunt and gather for some grub before they all turn on me....
I am seriously outnumbered after all. 

Thank you a million times over for your love, your prayers, your encouraging comments and for just listening to the dribble of this mom pretending each day like she has any idea what she's doing.
Love you all!


  1. I"m the first!!! I'm the first!!! YEAH!!! I've been stalking since late last night. Not sure why since you were flying somewhere above me but thought maybe you were lucky and got free in air wi-fi. A girl can dream. Okay, just stopping by to say hi!! And just know I'm waiting for my texts. ;-)

  2. Stay strong (and awake) Sonia!! I hope your son feels better really soon. Sorry to hear bout his trip. : (
    BUT, I LOVE your joke!! Punch drunk? : )
    Woooo Hoooo! Almost there!!

  3. See, one hour of sleep and you are still telling jokes! I love you. Have a great rest of the trip. I didn't know you were going through Seoul. We lived in Korea. And hey, $50 was so worth it to take what you wanted, wasn't it? Go get those other boys!


  4. You're almost exciting!!

  5. LOL...Oh my...what a trip you are on!! I am so excited!! Can't wait to hear about the plane ride home with a couple extra!!! lol (of course, we have lots to hear about before that!!)

    Love ya!!

  6. Oh my, I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Love to yall!

  7. Been praying for your travels. So happy to hear you are that much closer. Cannot wait to see those boys in your arms!!! Hope there isn't much more motion sickness. Ugh. BTW you are still funny even on no sleep!

  8. Hang in there you!! What a day eh??

  9. What a day! Or is it two?! Glad you're keepin' your sense of humor.

  10. Poor Jordan! Things will be looking up very soon. BTW, what is it with snoring husbands at the airport? Mine did the same thing on 2 of our trips? Snoring away while I tended all 5 kiddos, changing diapers, dealing with temper tantrums.

  11. From Hong Kong, saying Nihao!!!!! Can't wait to see you in one week! Off to get our babes first and then play!!!

  12. For a minute there I thought maybe in your sleep deprived, over stimulated from packing brain, that you forgot your kids were in China and went to Korea by mistake! Glad it's just a layover. Hope the rest of the trip improves!

  13. Your title threw me, too!! I hope your layover and next leg goes well. Can't wait to see pictures from China! :)

  14. yippeee!!!!! you're almost there!\

    and business IS sweet- been there-- will never go to the other side...
    can't wait to see pics:)

  15. Your getting close! So excited to be following your journey!

  16. Happy your flight went well!
    Go get your boys!

  17. Ah, Seuol! Yes, we did our layover there too...I remember eating unrecognizable foods and just being glad to have something to eat. Even in your sleep-deprived state, you are managing to keep us all smiling. I, too, have been stalking your happy to see an update tonight (or, in your case, this morning!) My new song (to the tune of "soon and very soon we are going to see the Lord") is
    "Soon and very soon, Sonia's goin' to get her boys!" Can't wait, girl!

  18. You are so crazy, girl! Wow, what a trip over. It's got to get better! You're almost to those precious little boys!

  19. YOU WENT TO THE WRONG COUNTRY!! YOUR BOYS ARE IN CHINA NOT KOREA!! That was my first thought as I read your blog post title!

    Love the joke and yes, I had to read it over twice- it's just the way God made me! Helllooo Jean!

    I am certain that I am in this world only to make others feel better! We paid $200 for our slightly overweight baggage! Okay maybe it was a little more than slightly...

    Now get on over to China, girl!! And get those boys!!

  20. Ahhhhh, we're on the edges of our seats . . . happy that you made it to Seoul, praying that you got the restless natives fed, and that all aformentioned puking has stopped!

    Countin' it down!

    Love you!


  21. Glad to see your's and the boys posts. Am being a very nervous Grannee here waiting for you to actually land in the right country. All my friends are saying their prayers for you. Love to all, even my snoring son :)

  22. Just cannot wait to see those beautiful boys in their Momma's arms!!!

  23. yeah!!! almost there (well by the time I write this you will be there ;o)
    we went through Korea the first time too- remember just pointing to picture menus b/c of starving LOL
    praying friend!
    hoping all the puking stops soon ;o/

  24. Of all the blogs I follow yours is one of the few I did NOT expect to see that blog title! We're supposed to go to Seoul! I did realize it was a layover after a split second but I did a double take to make sure the blog and title actually went together! :)

    Praying for healthy family and some SLEEP! Hoping you're in China now and sleep will heal you all. Although I enjoy Punch Drunk Sonia too! :)

    Sorry to hear about the baggage but it's water under the bridge at this point. How much of that are you leaving in China so that you can bring things from China home?!?

  25. So happy to see your almost there!!! Hopefully the puking has stopped!
    Best wishes and lots of prayers!!

  26. YAY!!! You're almost there... hang in there!!!!