Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Keepin It Real....

In case you were wondering.....
They are really doing as well as I am making them out to be. 
I'm tellin ya.
I'd be the first one to tell you if I felt like we were drowning but these two kiddos are absolutely incredible.

Truly the biggest adjustment has just been the jump from 4 to 6 kids.
And not even in a bad way.....just in a gotta keep up with 6 and make sure we're not missing anybody way.
Instead of a constant 1,2,3,4 we're good.
It's now a 1,2,3,4,5,6 we're good.
Just a retraining of the brain is all.
But we've been down this road before when we jumped from 2 to 4 kids.
It's all good.

Of course then I look at a few of our new family pictures and I am beginning to realize that 6 kids
a lot of kids.

Yes this is just now occurring to me.
No you may not laugh.

Academically speaking they have both come to us knowing waaayyy more English than we thought they would know.
They know everything from Hello, how are you, I am fine, to counting to 100 and beyond, mother, father, thank you, you're welcome, the list goes on and on and they pick up about 10 new words a day that they are retaining.
Wait, did I say that already?
Oh well. tis true.

They can both write their upper and lower case letters, have some off the hook yo-yo skillz and keep us laughing with their antics each day.
They are amazing, they are incredible, they are wicked smart but best of all


  1. I love that they love you guys so much already! Your family is so beautiful! Happy birthday to that handsome son of yours, too!

  2. Trying to get caught up on your travel fun and adorable boys my friend! I am amazed at how well they have waltzed into your family and started their new forever dance with ya'll. HUGE blessing for this start of home! It yanks my heart out though to hear how independent they are, too. You're a wonderful momma to recongize their need to learn to be dependent and children. Praying for lots of wonderful firsts and safe travel home. HUGS!!!

  3. These are hystercial!! I am so glad things are going so well!! case you were wondering...I am laughing!!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm laughing, too!!!!

  5. i am just over the moon happy that things are going this well!!!! and i am amazed at how much they knew and retain- geez- 10 words a day?? i'd be happy to get 1 with all my brain cells going full power!!!!!

  6. I am so thrilled! It is so cool to see them with their family!! Praise God!!

    I hope you can count to 8 because... well... I'm thinking that is a really great number! Just wondering!!

    FYI- they will bond to the bros first most likely and then to you! They will take cues from the bros and them love you, two because - hey the bros are happy and still alive- just go with it and enjoy!!

  7. I laughed out loud too.. I guess enough to make Bob get UP and come look at my laptop.. which then made him laugh :O) good times good times.
    no.. great times!
    super glad your trip is going so well!

  8. Everyone looks like they are having a blast! What a miracle that 2 people can enter a family and fit so well, so fast.

    Just keep countin'!

  9. Love the pictures and I am so glad they are fitting in with the other boys so well. We so look forward to seeing you when you get back:) Tracy

  10. Awesome! I am so happy for all of you!

  11. Too late, I already laughed! I am so glad everything is going so well!

  12. So glad that they are YOURS! :)
    And so stinkin cute!

  13. Your blog is a must-stop daily for me now...I'm so glad to see that things are going as well as I hoped & thought they might after we met the boys on 12/31. You have an absolutely amazing family...all EIGHT of you are so blessed.

  14. Just sitting here with goose bumps looking at these photos. Amazing boys. Amazing mama. Amazing family. Amazing blog. Most of all--Amazing God.