Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Look Around the Island

Here's just a few pics from the last few days with our chaos.....I mean family. ;)

My blogging is suffering tremendously due to the fact that I am collapsing into bed with the kids around 8pm and rising before the sun with a certain child named Joseph who likes to get up at around 5am.

Ever seen the sunrise in China?
I have.
Many, many, many days now.
It's beautiful......when I can keep my eyes open.


  1. thx for the pic. we were just there a few weeks ago. tell the boys we played wall ball in the WS hotel playroom when it was empty...great use of time and space. your boys are adorable, all 6 of them. say hello to jordon and stella (in the first nick-nack store outside the hotel where you can borrow a stroller) from the homeschool faimly of gillian and her two redheaded brother :-) stella does great laundry!

  2. You guys look great! And you met Jordan ... so fun to see familiar places and faces. Enjoy the last few days!

  3. You poor thing. Sorry about the early mornings. Great photos. I had a lovely conversation with Jordan last month. Enjoy your time, you'll be home soon now.

  4. Looks awesome! Love seeing Jordan!! I can't wait to see Jordan again!! Yuck about the 5am!! At least they're going to be at 8. Love the update! Keep us posted!

  5. Love the pics! Love the snuggles that Jacob and Joey are wrapped up in--be it mom or dad or big brothers! Love seeing smiling Jordan in his shop--is he a happy guy or what? :)

    Sorry about the 5 a.m. wake-ups . . . at least you have a cutie patootie to watch those Chinese sunrises with!

    Thanks for catching us up!

    Love from Texas~


  6. Love seeing you and your new little loves and the whole family smiling together! So fun! Crying as I read back on posts from the last couple days! Love the picture of Jordan and Jordan!!! It was so fun meeting him when we were there! :)

  7. So great seeing Jordon! :) Actually love all your pics and stories from China. Glad you are all doing well.